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Jan 17, 2007 08:53 PM

ISO of King Taco Salsa in OC

Looking for some salsa roja (red hot sauce/salsa) that you will find from King Taco in LA. Anywhere in the OC I can find some? I want it BURNING hot!!!

if there is a website out that will show me how to make some, that would also be super!!!

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  1. if you really mean it, burning hot, you can try the salsa they use to dip the torta's @ Tortas Ahogadas. it's a truck on mortimer between 5th and 4th in santa ana. it's across the street from northgate super market. get a torta too. they're unbelivable...if you like crying get it fully dipped... it's sounds silly but it's somewhat oragasmic when you finish one.