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Where to Eat in Anaheim area?

Will be in Anaheim at a conference soon, and desperately seeking restaurant recommendations, all kinds, all price ranges. Thanks! Will have a car.

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  1. There is always Mr. Stox

    1. Morton's Steakhouse. Next to Anaheim Convention Center/Disneyland

      1. The Best continues to be NAPA ROSE. Try the Chef's Counter and let Chef Andrew cook for you.

        1. Rosine's in Anaheim Hills.

          1. Although it's been getting a beating from this board lately, I still like the Zankou Chicken in Anaheim. My favorite now isn't the chicken though, it's the tarna and the falafel wrap.


            1. Carolina's Italian, on Chapman and West in Garden Grove (NOT the Chapman in Fullerton!) -- the slightly run-down hole-in-the-wall with great red-sauce Italian (ignore anything on the menu that is not good ol'-fashioned East Coast Italian, especially the "Mexican Canneloni").

              Jägerhaus German, on Ball Rd just west of the 57 -- good German food.

              Merhaba Eritrean/Ethiopian Restaurant, Ball and Dale, Anaheim.

              1. Rosine's was excellent the one time I dined there. I'll second OCAnn.

                Rosine's Mediterranean Cafe
                721 S Weir Canyon Rd , Anaheim 92808-1930

                And I know I'm sounding redundant, but I dig Park Ave.


                1. I'm at a conference this week and have been eating very well:

                  - If you like Thai, Bangkok Taste is a very good replacement for the temporarily closed Thai Nakorn. We had the duck spicy salad, Bangkok shrimp rolls, and khao soy, and it was all wonderful.

                  - Yen Ching is an old favorite from past conferences and still is serving very tasty food with friendly service.

                  Both Yen Ching and Bangkok Taste are an easy drive from the convention center: take 5 south to 22 east to the Glassell/Grand exit. Yen Ching is just north of 22, Bangkok Taste just south.

                  - Thanks for the Park Ave. recommendations! It too was very good: a great atmosphere, nicely creative and delicious food, and well priced for the quality. This too is an easy drive from the convention center, just a few miles west.


                  1. For burgers, FOXsports Grill in Irvine (right down from Anaheim) at the Irvine Spectrum Mall. Excellent burgers!!! Can't speak for the rest of the menu as I'm stuck on the burgers. Cool atmosphere as well if you like sports. Oh, the Girl Scout Cookie cocktail is most excellent as well.

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                      FYI to OP, Irvine Spectrum is about 20 minutes on the freeway from Anaheim.

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                        oops, did fail to mention the location of the Spectrum. Thx for covering that arisu, appreciate it.

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                          However, there is an ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney that I've always enjoyed when you want your sports with your chow. One memorable birthday was spent in their room with the leather lounge chairs eating and chillin' (and I don't even like sports). FOX prob has better food, though. I've tried both, and was agreeable to both.

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                            I like ESPN Zone -- and I have no problem with the food, as it's exactly what you expect, burgers and fried (and I don't mean fries, I mean fried, as in fried whatevers).

                            My problem is the 90-minute-plus wait to get in most of the year.

                    2. Were you all at NAMM? Anyway last night we had Luigi's. That was my first time there and really dug my meal. Though the salad that comes with your entree isnt really much worth talking (or writing about for that matter), I enjoyed the pasta arrbiatta (with sauage), sauce wasnt very heavy and it was just spicy enough. Reasonably priced, generous portions and very old school authentic.

                      801 South State College (3 blocks south of Lincoln)