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Jan 17, 2007 08:48 PM

Sweet, but not sour, cocktails?

I need some ideas. I'd like to switch to making cocktails with dinner instead of wine. Not that I don't love wine, I just need a change for awhile.

One of my friends who comes over a lot, however, doesn't like anything sour. She won't even drink orange juice because it's too sour for her. As you can imagine, I'm hard pressed to think of cocktails she'll enjoy. Lemon drops and margaritas are out of the question, as are some of the more interesting blood orange concoctions. Besides, what with the citrus prices in California...

A cosmo might be okay, but what else is there?

She doesn't have a taste for the stiffer drinks like a martini, and I'm put off by creamy cocktails like white Russians so I don't have the spirits to make them.

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  1. We imitated The Parker - a drink at the Algonquin Hotel in NY.
    1 shot Chambord
    1 shot Vodka
    squeeze of lemon juice
    shake with ice and drain into martini or cosmopolatin glasses.

    Pretty sweet and pretty, too.

    1. Sounds like you're trying to gather piss with a rake my friend - too many constraints if you rule out all citrus, hard liquor, and cream-related ingredients. Forget cocktails and go for a sweeter wine, sangria, or something along those lines.

      1. Make her a Side Car and rim the glass with fine sugar as you might with salt for a Margartia. I love these things, quite old fashioned and delicious. In a shaker combine the juies of 1/4 of a lemon with 1/2 oz. triple sec and 1 oz. brandy. Sheke well and strain into the prepared glass.

        Old Fashioned. In a rocks glass place a sugar cube and douse that with a dash of Angostura bitters and a teaspoon of water, Muddle well until the sugar is dissolved. Add 2 oz. whiskey and a twist of lemon peel. Add ice and stir. GArnish with a cherry and a slice of orange.

        1. I thought of one more thing she might like: an apple bomb. I don't know if that's the regular name for it, or if it's just the Rye Bar in SF that calls it that.

          It's some combination of calvados, ginger ale, good apple juice/cider, a lemon twist, and optional shot of hard liquor.

          I know there are a lot of constraints, but the task is far from impossible. We already have a handful of good ideas--thanks all. When required to gather piss with a rake, hope for frosty weather!

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            "When required to gather piss with a rake, hope for frosty weather!"

            I am SO stealing that! :)