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7 Steak Gumbo

Anyone out there made this before? What did you think? Thinking of making it for the N.O. game this weekend.


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  1. I think that I'd like the recipe!! (if you could, please?)

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      you can find it on google, 2nd choice in the search list

    2. I don't have the recipe but saw Paul Prudhomme make it on a cooking show. That was too long ago to remember what went in it. It's probably in one of his cookbooks.

      1. Correct, it's in the PP book.

        1. Are seven steaks widely available? It's an odd cut, you can't always find it even in south Louisiana. I've never made gumbo out of seven steaks, but I do use 'em for grillades & grits.

          1. I made the gumbo this weekend. Seven steak on sale, $1.19lb. Came out great. Used the Paul P. recipe as a guide. Brown meat in lard, remove, add 1/2 Okra (4 cups) fry till some pieces are dark brown, hit it with 1/2 cup stock, stir, repeat. Kind of like making risotto but with okra, the goal is to break down the Okra. Add trinity, tomatoes, and the beef, QS with stock simmer for a hour or so till meat is tender, then add remaining okra and continue cooking till tender. Amazing Okra flavor and the seven steak was beefy and tender. I recommend it.


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                No roux with okra. Not creole or cajun. Don't need it. The okra is the thickener.
                It's even a little surprising to see the flour used with the meat. But that's PP.

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                  Making Sense -- Just learned my Gulf Coast inlaws gumbo recipe this weekend, it has both roux and okra. Most of the gumbo recipes on gumbopages.com which use okra also have a bit of roux.

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                    Guess it's like the beans-in-chili fights in Texas, JGrey. Some people make okra gumbo with roux, particulary outside of the bayous, where they actually have to use recipes. I don't see that it makes a difference unless it makes the gumbo gloppy which it sometimes does. As long as they don't put filé in the okra gumbo. Then it's over!!!
                    (I hope you realize that I'm only half serious here - except for that part about the filé or the beans in chili.)

            1. No, meat is floured, so that helps a little. The Okra is really what thinckens gumbo. I was a bit suprised as well, but it not that uncommon.


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                Stevuchan...what is trinity? Am I being daft? It's three of something, yah? And what is QS??? I still cannot locate a recipe...I suppose if I googled for hours I may, but if you could provide a link, I'd be most grateful. (I tried for about 4 pages in Google, had no luck and got frustrated!) I thought about just making regular gumbo substituting meat, but I'd rather have the true recipe. Lastly, the 7 steak is a certain cut, but if cannot find one, what is another meat cut that works almost as well? Thanks O=:)

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                  Trinity is bell bepper, onion, and celery- usually sauted.

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                    "trinity" is the cajun equivalent of a sofrito or battuta--the base of aromatics that provide the flavor backbone for savory dishes.

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                      Ah, like Herbes du Province?? (sp??) OK, I get it! Thanks O=;)

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                      Hi Mermazon - I think this is the recipe that stevuchan and coconutz were referring to - Good luck!



                  2. Trinity = Onion/Celery/Peppers (Bell type)
                    QS = Formulation term, Quantum sufficit (just enough)
                    Seven Steak is a cut from the front shoulder, I bought a 7 bone roast, and cut it up.

                    This is similar


                    Hope this helps.

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                      Thanks, thanks, and a hearty thanks again!!!
                      I am gonna try that one soon! I read up on what a 7 steak is, but I was curious if one can use any cut of meat?? And oh goodness, that recipe sounds delicious! O=:)

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                        Top or bottom round will work just fine.