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Jan 17, 2007 08:46 PM

ISO Good bakery in Astoria for ciabatta/focaccia

There are many bakeries here in Astoria, but does anyone know of one that makes ciabatta or focaccia? I know of a couple of locations in the city, but am looking for one near home.

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  1. Try Franks on 30th ave- I like their ciabatta in particular, but they don't make it everyday.

    1. Try Rose and Joe (Joe and Rose?) on 31st Street between Ditmars and 23rd Avenue. Best Italian bread in Queens.

      1. Try Artopolis in Agora Plaza on 31st street (between the Astoria Blvd and Ditmars stops). We ordered breads for a huge Thanksgiving Dinner and were thrilled with them. There was a rosemary/olive oil one that was delish! It was somewhat of a non-traditional focaccia, but just excellent.

        1. Try GianPieros on 30th Avenue and 45th Street for ciabiatta and generally good bread (and pastries).

          Rose & Joe's under the el at Ditmars usually has decent foccacia and some of the best bakery pizza ever!

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            Rose & Joe's bakery pizza reminds me of the bakery pizza when I was a kid. Satellite Bakery on 13th Ave. (sorry, I can't remember the cross-street, but it was in the 70s) in Brooklyn. God, was their bread good, but their pizza was spectacular. Rose & Joe's is almost as good.

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              2nd the GianPieros recommendation. be sure to stop at Sorisso's across the street too for a great hero.