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Jan 17, 2007 08:36 PM

business lunch near marriott marquis

Need a lunch spot for 5 guys in theatre district near 46th and Bway. Steak or sushi preferably

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  1. We go to Kodama for sushi; for steak the closest (that is good) is Keen's Chophouse. There's is also a Ruth's Chris off 7th Ave on 51st I think, if you like that chain. And The Palms nearby as well.

    1. Del Frisco's is on the corner of 49th St. & 6th Av. I've never been, but many Hounds like it.

      My favorite, Keens, is not too far from the Theater District, on 36th St., just east of 6th Av.

      1. for sushi a block away you could go to blue fin.

        1. Sushi Zen, on 44th between 6th and B'way, has excellent sushi in a setting that is very appropriate for a business lunch.

          Although neither steak nor sushi, DB Bistro Moderne is another great business lunch place in the area.

          1. Sushi Zen and Sushiden (on 49th) are best bets for Sushi. Delfrisco has great steaks and the atmosphere you're probably looking for.