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Jan 17, 2007 08:34 PM


I probably shouldn't ask, but is there a place selling anything resembling a knish of any kind here on the east side, preferrably in the Bowie/Crofton area, or will I have to go to the place in Wheaton whose name escapes me?
What about BJ Pumpernickel's in Olney? I'm starting to get a hankerin' for there, too.

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  1. Try Shalom Super Market on University Blvd in Wheaton for knishes. They are not great but they are the best you can get in the area. They close early on Friday and are closed on Saturday.

    As to BJPumpernickel's - I would go elsewhere. Two alternative recommendations: Max's Cafe right next door to Shalom (roughly same hours) and Deli City on Bladensburg Road at New York Avenue (weekday lunches only). Deli City has wonderful corned beef.

    1. I was incredibly dissapointed in the knishes I had from Max's. I tried one kasha and one potato and they were so bad I didn't finish them (and I love, love love, knishes).

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        i have only tried their potatoe ones. like i said - their knishes are not great. to me they are edible. has anyone found better in the area?

      2. The kasha at Kosher Mart is a fine knish.

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            In Rockville. Take Jefferson - I think that's the name of the street- north from the JCC (Montrose Rd.). It will be on your right.

        1. For anyone who grew up with a memory of Mrs. Stahls knishes from Brighton Beach (Brooklyn), there is no place that can possibly match our concept of what a real knish should taste like. I've tried everything and every place around, but haven't found anything that compares.

          1. I think Parkway Deli in Silver Spring serves them.