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Jan 17, 2007 08:27 PM

Restaurant supply open to the public?

Since we're iced in, I've been cooking, cooking, cooking. I'm noticing that some of my favorite things to use are from my grandmother who got them years ago at a restaurant supply store.

Is there a good restaurant supply place in Austin open to the public? If so, what should I definitely get?


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  1. I've only ever been to ABC Restaurant Supply (6500 N Lamar, between Koenig and Airport). They are open to the public, and the staff is remarkably nice.

    I just picked up sheet pans, but would go again for non-stick skillets, glassware, I don't even know what else. It's tempting to just go crazy in there.

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      Hi there- ABC is now Lone Star Restaurant Supply in Austin, TX and we are located at 8131 North I-35 Austin, TX 78753. It's just north of 183 on I-35 at Rutherford, take the Runberg exit going north. We just moved. And we are open to the public. Thanks!

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        Do any other restaurant supply places offer food other than Restaurant Depot?


    2. I know of two. One is Mission Restaurant Supply at 6509 North Lamar. The other is Ace Mart Restaurant Supply at 9411 North Lamar. There are probably others as well, but these are the two I've been to. Of the two, Ace Mart is larger and has more selection, but I ended up shopping at Mission because Ace Mart was out of what I needed, and frankly, Ace Mart was almost too big. Mission is part of a larger restaurant supply company hq'd out of San Antonio.

      As far as what you should get, don't know what you already have. I'll let other hounds chime in on that.

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        Just a note that you might want to do a search of the Cookware board on chowhound if you're curious about what to get at restaurant-supply stores. This topic has been covered many times, so you'll probably find many good hints there.

        General questions about cookware also belong on that board. The regional boards, like the Austin and Texas ones, focus on where to eat or buy the best chow in those specific areas.


      2. Is this off topic? I just wanted to mention that my everyday wine glasses come from Ace Mart - my husband breaks them with alarming regularity, and the restaurant ones are sturdy and cheap enough that you can get a bunch in various styles without worrying overly.

        1. I've been wondering where I can get a Sil-Pat for baking. Now I know! Thanks!
          And North Lamar is so convenient!