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Jan 17, 2007 08:01 PM

Birthday Dinner - Great Atmosphere - Somewhere Downtown - Up to $30/head all-inclusive- Help! :)

Looking for a fun place to celebrate a birthday on a Saturday night. Would love it to be downtown, maybe in the village area, any type of food except for indian, up to $30/head (meal, soft drink, tax & tip)It will probably be 10-15 people for dinner.

Suggestions please! :)

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  1. Gnocco--great Italian, reasonable prices. Should be able to get in under $30 a head if you don't drink too much. East Village.

    1. Esperanto in the East Village, very cool place, good South American food.

      1. Cafecito in the East Village just north of esperanto...pretty tiny place though but, has a long table/space on the end to fit a group of 10 to 15. Had dinner with a group of 15 peeps there before Christmas and ended-up paying something like 20 - 25 per head all in. you have to watch your drinks though. that's where budgets gets screwed most of the time. you also have to reserve a table ahead of time.

        1. Loreley--fun German place on Rivington. Best during the warmer months when the garden is open, but food is pretty good and within your price range. They have large tables, too. Be sure to order some of the hot bretzels.