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Jan 17, 2007 07:27 PM

What's up with Canele?

Does anyone know why Canele in Atwater Village is closed? And for how long? It appears that they're remodeling, but they just recently opened, so that seems odd. Thanks.

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  1. I believe they just reopened. From what I hear, a large family moved into the apartment above them and the people were so loud, it actually affected the restaurant. The owner of the building had to step in to do some refurbishing to lessen both the noise from above into the restaurant and the noise from the restaurant into the apartment. All should now be well.

    Incidentally, I had my first meal there about a week ago, right before they shut down to take care of the problem. It was just terrific. 5 of us dined, everyone tried something different and every dish was excellent. I hope they are around for a long time, it is a wonderful addition to the neighborhood.

    1. They appeared to be open, and jammed, over this last weekend...

      1. A co-worker was just telling me about dinner there last night. She's an admirable food snob, so I trust her. She said she had the lamb and was very happy with dinner there. The portionas are small. She also said she would deffinitely go back!

        I say try it!

        1. I'm glad they've reopened. It is definitely a great addition to the neighborhood. I did have a salad there, though, that....quite literally....tasted like sand. The greens obviously hadn't been washed. I sent it back and they removed it from the bill. But I really feel like the owner (who was there) should have personally apologized. But I'll certainly go back. I liked the food, atmosphere, wine choices and prices.