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Jan 17, 2007 07:16 PM

Good places to eat in Cerritos?

Hi! I'll be going to a jazz concert in cerritos soon and I wanted to see what's tgood out there for dinner (preferable pre-show). I'm pretty open to any type of food as long as it's good =) thanks in advance!

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  1. The Arte Cafe (not sure about name) by the Cerritos Performing Arts Center has good French/Japanese fusion.

    Cho Dang Tofu is good Korean tofu (go early because it gets super-crowded)

    Ten-Ten in Artesia for Cantonese/seafood

    There is a hole in a wall place for Mandarin/Shanghai food. The sign says (Shanghai Style Restaurant), and it is 2 doors down from the Spicy Shabu Shabu, next to Diho Supermarket.

    1. El Rocoto is Peruvian in Cerritos. I had 2 great meals there, one disappointing bland meal. I suggest: Ceviche mixto, tiradito (another variation of ceviche, developed by a Japanese chef in Lima supposedly), tallarin verde con bisek (pesto pasta w/ rib eye steak), good papa a la huancaína (signature Peruvian potato dish) served with rib eye.

      El Rocoto Restaurant 11433 SOUTH St,CERRITOS, CA 90703 (562) 924-1919

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        I wanted to try them yesterday with my co-worker; they have a C for the rating so we skipped them and went to Kabuki (sp?) next door.
        In the Cerritos Town Center you have Wood Ranch, TGIF, Mimi’s, Macaroni Grill, and also Arte Café, as mentioned above. Not that far from Cerritos in La Palma, you have Aroma’s. They have pretty good Italian food; I usually get their gnocchi’s or lasagna.

      2. thanks for all your input! i will check them out and see which is closer to the concert.