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Jan 17, 2007 07:13 PM

inns that offer cooking classes 2-3 hours from Western CT??

cross post on New England Board...
I think I read about a website on here about inns that also offer cooking classes but I couldn't find the link. Anyway, dh & I are looking for something different to do to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary this summer. I would love to get away and relax, while doing something fun like taking a cooking class, just the two of us. Can anybody recommend somewhere that is an easy drive from Western CT, I was thinking somewhere in the Hudson Valley or maybe as far as the Finger Lakes.


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  1. Not specifically an Inn with a cooking class (although I would guess there should be plenty of those)... try The Silo Cooking School: (the site needs to be updated - only shows classes through Dec.) and you could stay at the Mayflower Inn in Washington CT which is spectacular:

    There is always the CIA Boot Camp: