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Jan 17, 2007 07:11 PM



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  1. There has been some good discussion here..

    and a few others.

    I am a big Dosa fan. For my fix I usually go to Woodlands or Udipidi (sp?) Woodlands is more consistent in quality and service. These are mostly Southern Indian. I also find these restaurants better for days when I'm looking for good vegetarian dishes.

    1. Ambla Dhaba is worth checking out, I haven't been for a while and have been told that their modest restaurant is now their fast food outlet, probably is good but have yet to try it, and that the new full on restaurant is nearby. The address below is for the original location that I think is the fast food place. I am not a fan of lunch buffets but the best one that I ever had was at the India Restaurant, it had lamb shanks the last time that I went and they were wonderful, except that I ate too much! I have not been to Shahnawaz in about a year but I loved their Jalapeno Curry. Don't remember the correct name for the dish but it's easy to find on the menu. I like the sweets at Surati Farsan Mart but have not tried their Chat. Tirupathi Bhimas is my favorite S. Indian veg. restaurant in the area, good Thalis. Woodlands is also good for veg. and they have a pretty good lunch buffet, love the Madras Masala Dosa - a must try!

      Ambala Dhaba
      18418 Pioneer Bl.
      Artesia, CA 90701
      562 402 7990

      The India Restaurant
      17824 Pioneer Bl.
      Artesia, CA 90701
      562 860 5621

      12225 Centralia
      Lakewood, CA 90715
      562 402 7443

      Surati Farsan Mart
      11814 E. 186th St.
      Artesia, CA 90701
      562 860 2310

      Tirupathi Bhimas
      18792 Pioneer Bl.
      Artesia, CA 90701
      562 809 3806

      11833 Artesia Bl.
      Artesia, CA 90701
      562 860 6500