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Jan 17, 2007 07:11 PM

delivery in ballard?

looking for some good delivery options in ballard--not just pizza. all types of food welcome, we're very ethnic friendly. chinese, bbq, thai, mediterranean? thanks.

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  1. Ooooh I can help ya here. Thai Orchid at 24th and 85th delivers thai. Mediteranean you got takis mad greek (15th and 85th) and olive you (fanfreakin tastic) (85th and greenwood) i believe both deliver. Also at 85th and greenwood is szechuan bistro which is chinese (try the hand shaven noodle). That would be my most hearty reccomendation--their meat is iffy, but good noodles...
    other than that, off the top of my head I believe Stacia's on 85th and Sopranos on 24th both do pizza/pasta delivery...
    there is a japanese place on 85th that delivers too, though I've never tried it...

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      awesome--thank you so much! particularly the mediterranean tips. is the japanese place you're thinking of bento sushi? that place is great. again, thanks!!

    2. Golden City on 20th Ave NW in Ballard has decent Chinese food and delivers. The menu is fairly mainstream "comfort food" - e.g. hot & sour soup, pot stickers, prawns in lobster sauce, kung pao chicken, mu shu pork - and quality has been consistently good in my three experiences there. For example, the lobster prawns we recently ordered arrived nicely cooked (just past translucent) and generous (~14 prawns in the dish). The owners and servers are nice folks too.


      1. The Japanese place is Mori, on 85th and they do deliver (not sure about the area, however). While I'm not a fan of their sushi, I just love it love it love it that they'll deliver their steaming Nabeyaki Udon to me on a chilly winter night.