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Jan 17, 2007 06:51 PM

Bob's Famous Bleu Cheese Dressing Recipe?

Okay, here goes. For health reasons, I'm trying to figure out how to make my own home version of a manufactured "blue cheese dressing," but I'm unable to identify the cheese in it, which is not blue in color. I'm willing to send a jar of the stuff to anyone who thinks they can bring me closer to the answer.

The product is Bob's famous Bleu Cheese Salad Dressing & Dip. It bears the Bob's Big Boy Restaurant logo.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I am currently in possession of their Roquefort dressing. Mine contains sheep's milk Roquefort. Is there something on your label that doesn't mention bleu? Possibly, the blue vein wasn't used.

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        Bob's has both a blue cheese dressing and a roquefort dressing. The blue cheese dressing does have real blue cheese in it, although I don't know what kind.

        1. re: DanaB

          Didn't know that. Does it contain any cheese at all?

          1. re: personalcheffie

            The Blue Cheese dressing has blue cheese. The Roquefort dressing has roquefort.

              1. re: DanaB

                Roqefort dressing dressing is goats milk. Bleu cheese is cow milk. Chefbel

                1. re: chefbel

                  Roquefort cheese is made with sheep's milk, not goat.

        2. Hey, forget Bob's... here's the blue cheese dressing that will console you. From Cook's Illustrated, #38:

          2-1/2 oz blue cheese
          3 Tbsp buttermilk
          3 Tbsp sour cream
          2 Tbsp mayonnaise
          2 tsp white wine vinegar
          1/4 tsp sugar
          2 cloves garlic
          salt and fresh white pepper to taste

          Chop garlic cloves in mimi-prep. Add two-thirds of the cheese, other ingredients, and mix to creamy paste. Add balance of crumbled cheese, pulse just to mix, leaving cheese in small lumps. Keeps refrigerated 14 days.

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          1. re: MikeLM

            Chefbel very close to the way I made it for years. same ingredients.

          2. Here you go:

            Bob's Big Boy Blue Cheese Dressing recipe
            1/2 cup sour cream
            1/2 cup milk
            1 cup Kraft mayonnaise
            4 ounces blue cheese, crumbled
            1/8 teaspoon onion powder

            Use electric mixer to combine all ingredients until smooth. Tightly cover and refrigerate. Use within 10 days.

            Yield: 2 servings

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            1. re: chickstein

              2 Servings??? Yikes..That's one big salad....

              1. re: King of Northern Blvd

                Was probably made for Elaine on Seinfeld for her big salad!

              2. re: chickstein

                Does Kraft Mayonnaise mean Miracle Whip?

                1. re: chickstein

                  Yes, this is the recipe that's all over the Internet. The problem is that "4 ounces blue cheese, crumbled" doesn't begin to describe the unique version of "bleu cheese" (as the label says). It is the part of the dressing that I like the most; and as I said, it is quite unique. I have eaten several kinds of blue cheese, but I've never seen or tasted anything like this one, other than in the dressing, of course.

                  The cheese has no blue veins at all. I know this because I have taken a jar of the dressing and washed off all the goop so I could inspect the remaining cheese. It's all white. It almost looks like feta cheese. On the back of the jar it says:

                  BOB'S BLEU CHEESE
                  DRESSING & DIP
                  MADE WITH REAL BLEU CHEESE

                  Maybe they're taking license with the ingredients given the way they are spelling "bleu."

                  Here is a list of the ingredients as they appear on the jar:

                  Mayonnaise (soybean oil, vinegar, water, powdered egg yolk, lemon juice, salt, sugar, spices, natural flavoring)

                  Sour cream dressing [milk, cream, cultured skim (starter mix), non-fat dry milk solids, gelatin]

                  Bleu cheese (pasteurized cultured milk, salt, enzymes, natamycin)

                  Buttermilk (cultured skim milk, non-fat dry milk solids, cream, salt)

                  Soybean oil




                  Garlic powder

                  Black pepper

                  Xanthan gum

                  Monosodium glutamate

                  It is the soybean, "spices," "natural flavoring," enzymes, xanthan gum, and MSG that I need to avoid.

                  1. re: Tail Section

                    It's probably similar to a Danish blue or a Blue Castello. You could try emailing the company to find out what kind of cheese they use. I know my brother used to buy the little bricks of blue cheese wrapped in foil from the supermarket to add extra crumbles of cheese on top of his Bob's Bleu Cheese dressing, and it complemented the dressing well. You might just have to experiment.

                2. The type of bleu cheese you seek is called Roquefort, it is smoother then regular bleu cheese and has a slight pepper taste. It unfortunately is also sometimes pricey as i think only 3 caves in France are allowed to make it, the mold is specifically grown in only these 3 spots I think its the only place they found can grow it..not 100 percent on that.