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Jan 17, 2007 06:55 PM

Cast iron pan on glass top ceramic range top?

I have read several recent threads that make me want to break out some cast iron frying pans I stored 6 years ago when I bought my glass top range. At that time, I was told not to use the cast iron pan because it might shatter the top. Is that still true? What can I use (non-stick) to give a nice crust on a hamburger or steak? It has become too cold to grill outdoors and George Foreman doesn't do it for me. Thanks!

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  1. Go ahead and use it. I've done so basically every day for 10 years on my ceramic-top stove.

    Performance wise they work fine. There is nothing inherent in a cast iron (or LC) skillet that breaks the glass except it's weight.

    Manufacturers generally warranty the cooktop for a period of years -- breakage included. So they tell you not to use cast iron on it -- not because it doesn't work well or is dangerous -- but because it's heavy and you can, obviously, break the glass or ceramic top if you drop it. If it's under warranty they have to pay for it.

    1. I've had no problem susing my cast iron pan on a glass top range. I don't remember reading anything in the manual warning me not to do so.

      1. I too have used cast iron on my glass top electric stove. Worked beautifully. It's just darn heavy so place it down gently. Think I'll pull mine out tonight to sear some fish!

        1. I use Le Creuset enameled cast iron all the time on my ceramic cooktop. But there is one peculiar thing - I notice that the iron pans get much hotter than any other type of pans at the same heat setting (I have the glowing halogen-type heat elements). I've had to learn to use different settings for them, at least one or two levels below what I use for everything else.

          1. My lamb chops thank you! Will be pan searing them along with some onion, green & red peppers and serving with rice pilaf and salad. Guess it's almost time to go home from work and make my dinner.