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Where would you go for your last meal?

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The ideal restaurant or restaurant/bar for the ideal dinner and blow-out evening?

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  1. Where would I go for my last meal?
    Intentionally - Eigensinn Farm.
    Unintentionally - Captain John's.

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    1. re: Redshifted

      Omigod, LMAO Redshifted.

      I think I would go to The Fat Duck.

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        I'll second Eigensinn Farm! It was the absolute best meal I have ever eaten in my life by far and it ruined all other food for a few years after I ate there until the taste memory finally faded a bit. Everyone must eat there before they die!!!!!!!!!

      2. Haha, how would you unintentionally wind up there?

        1. Think he was implying that that would be the cause of his death :-)

          1. That is funny about Captain John's, that or Her Majesty's Feast :) (I admit I've never experienced either but just the thought... gah.)

            For me, Dragon Dynasty, Grand Yatt or Lai Wai Heen: for a full-on Chinese banquet, Shark Fin soup, Crab Claws and all, and ending traditionally with the Long-Life Noodles (unintentinally ironic, non?).

            1. Lumiere. Best meal I ever had! Oh, and then I'd go to Granville Island for fudge (to stay geographically consistent).

              1. I was pretty disappointed with Lai Wai Heen for a banquet (I know sacrelige, I can hear gasping), but a lot of the dishes were cold for one thing and I didn't think it was all that better than some places in Markham (gasp again). Perhaps it was all the hype leading up to it that killed it.

                My last meal choice would be La Mossace in Florence, mmmmm the practically had the cow on the table.

                I've yet to explore enough to know in Toronto - but for slow food I love Domus in Ottawa. Also Beckta is a must.

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                  Actually I agree with you re: above & Lai Wai Heen price vs. hype doesn't match for me - but LWH could be interesting if you were ordering on a money-is-not-an-object-last-meal basis.

                  (If we're not limited to staying local that changes things. I'd probably end up in France, in Aix or Paris.)

                2. Assuming I can't travel abroad or even to NY, yeah I'd have to say Eigensinn Farm as well. I mean, can you imagine if you planned it, and told Michael Stadtlander it was to be your last meal, surrounded by your loved ones? The mind-blowing lengths he would go to in preparing that meal?!?

                  I'm getting overly excited by this morbid topic.

                  1. Folks, please help us keep the focus of ths board on finding great chow in
                    Ontario, and restrict your answers to Ontario restaurants. Thanks.