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Jan 17, 2007 06:28 PM

30th Birthday Dinner for 15 - resto-bar/lounge?

Recently moved to Toronto, looking for place for a special birthday dinner for about 15 people. Preferably entrees around $25 max and suitable for an evening of late dinner and then drinks and maybe even dancing. I keep hearing about Laide, is it a good choice or others?

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  1. I love Laide as it is not as trendy and snobby as other places and the food is amazing. They do a 3 course pris fixe for $25 where you choose any two items on the menu and a dessert for $25. The menu is on their website http:\\\

    The owners also are the bartenders so I find the service is a lot more attentive as they have a vested interesting in making customers satified.

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      I agree, they are also good about reservations, as in they will actually make sure there is a space reserved for your group and they will consult with you about your needs etc. It is definitely more bar in feel/atmosphere than restaurant though, other than the food which is quite good especially for the price and not at all typical bar food.

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        Laide is great fun if you're group is fun. It is very casual in terms of the dining experience - and it is a bit off the beaten track if you are going dancing afterwards. But for a slow, alcohol fueled meal, the food is excellent and the atmosphere quite different than what you generally find elsewhere in the City. I would suggest stopping by to see if it fits your crowd before booking.


    2. We went to a party at the Brant House, it was really great. They do a prix fixe menu, the food was excellent (we were very surprised at how good it was) and then later in the evening they move all the tables and its a club. Fantastic place for the type of party you're having!

      1. Yes I've been pleasantly surprised at the food quality at Brant House as well.

        Ok I'll put Laide and Brant House on the list...any other suggestions would REALLY be appreciated, having just moved here I'm anxious to find and try new great places in Toronto.

        1. Try KiWe on King West, no dancing but they do have a DJ on the weekends.Food is much better than Brant House and you can always cross the street to Century Room or Brant House for dancing.

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            Ate at KiWe. Thought it was awful.


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              I didn't enjoy my meal at KiWe either. I went shortly after opening and found the menu to be very limited and the service was borderline acceptable for King West.

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                Was comparing the food to Brant House within the parameters of the original post..Ate at KiWe last weekend and found both the steak and the lamb to be excellent at the price. No problems with service but I am there quite often..

            2. Thanks, the dancing part of the equation isn't key (after all the birthday party will be getting on in years, ha) but good quality food at a reasonable price and non-overpriced drinks are mostly what we're after.

              Do you think I'm limiting the "interesting" quality of the food by going to a resto/bar/lounge place? What about Czehoski or Habitat? Is that the right kind of place? Or too pricey?