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Jan 17, 2007 06:27 PM

Anyone have a copy of the Bourbon & Branch menu?

Looking for a copy of the drink menu.

Anyone have a copy scanned or have pics of the menu?

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  1. I'd love to see one too. The website says they have cocktails - does anyone know what kinds they make? Do they only make champagne, whiskey, rum, and tequila cocktails?

    1. they have all kinds of stuff. whiskey, rum, vodka, whatever based cocktails. you can't...or i've yet to see anyone attempt to order a standard manhatten or dirty martini, but just go it's worth the trouble.

      there's no limit, you can stay for 1 drink or leave plastered. if you stay past your rsvp time they will simply ask you to move tables if they're busy.

      however i hear if you go and 'hell's kitchen' is on the menu you're in for a treat, i've yet to see this page.

      1. I went. A cool spot with drinks that will wipe you out (note: eat first, they don't have any food at all - not a peanut). The menu is pages and pages long. Too bad it is in such a bad part of town (take a cab). Be sure to call in advance for a reservation and password.

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        1. re: LisaLisaSF

          >Too bad it is in such a bad part of town (take a cab).
          i think that's kind of a plus.
          [and i dont really consider that area too bad]

          >(note: eat first, they don't have any food
          lots of places to eat right around there

          1. re: psb

            Yeah, I kind of laughed when I saw that it was called a "bad area" (reminded me of Repo Man, but that's another story). I've walked there from the Financial District many times and it's fine. Chestnut Street it ain't, but that's kind of the whole deal - it's a "speakeasy." Traditionally those spots were unsavory to say the least. But you could always get great drinks!

          2. re: LisaLisaSF

            When you say "wipe you out" is that a reference to the strength of the drinks or the prices of them?

          3. I'm excited! Thanks for the tip on eating first - we have 1.5 hour reservation, and I know I couldn't make it through that on an empty stomach.

            1. Wipe out meaning the drinks are strong. Completely disagree with the board about the location We're talking about the Tenderloin here. It's not safe to walk past the Clift alone. This is MY opinion. Other than Cortez, would love to hear other restaurant recommendations in that area.

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              1. re: LisaLisaSF

                lol..sent a few people there last week and they were drunk by dinner at quinche.

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                  I agree it's not all that savory, and can be unclean/unpleasant, but I have never felt in danger.

                  1. re: LisaLisaSF

                    I do agree that it's up to the individual to decide how safe they feel anywhere. BUT I'm a woman (of small stature) and live "past the Clift" so I walk that route at least twice a day, including at night. Yes, I get panhandled a lot but I've never felt unsafe. Though I would not advise walking around alone after 2:00 am...anywhere really. I heard about 2 near abductions of young women walking home alone in Pacific Heights so ya never know.
                    I was just at B&B, where I stood outside alone while waiting for some friends. Yeah the usual cast of crazies were milling about but I really don't think that any of the folks that you encounter are out to rob or hurt you.
                    I'm a big fan of the TL and all the cool little shops and restaurants that are in my hood. I tend to be a bit defensive when I hear people say how "bad" it is.
                    I understand your point of view as someone that doesn't know the area as I do but I wanted to share my perspective too.

                    1. re: LisaLisaSF

                      A la Turca on Geary and Larkin is a great place.