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Jan 17, 2007 06:15 PM

Does Boston Ave need another pizza shop (Pizza Days, Medford)?

I noticed about 2 weeks ago that someone was opening a Pizza shop about a block away from Andrea's, Espresso, and Nick's.

Then in yesterday's mail came a menu from Pizza Days (also in Burlington). They have a menu on, which is slightly different than the mailer. I originally wondered whether it might be a Brazilian shop and sure enough the mailer had 3 types of Brazilian pizzas (brazilian pizzas feature lots of fillings, plus things like catupiry (cream cheese), palm hearts, etc). Their advertising that they are open until 3am on weekends (2am sun-wed), which slightly beats Espresso who's main virtue is staying open until 2 on weekends.

I wish for their sake that they used a better translator for the bulk mailing menu, as "garlic and soybean oil sauce" just doesn't come out that appetizing... But I might try their Brazilian pizza sometime as an alternative to PicNic on Main St.

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  1. On a related note, has anybody ever tried Pranzi's on Winthrop St near Moulton's? When I drive by it I remember to try it sometime, but always forget it when it comes time.

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      i work over at tufts, and i noticed this new place, too. kind of odd. also considering that it seems to be located right smack in the middle of an autobody repair shop... haven't tried it, though, nor do i really plan to. not much of a pizza girl. i frankly think that nowhere needs ANOTHER pizza or sub shop. unless it's like a vietnamese sub shop with yummy banh mi or something... ;-)

    2. double dog dare you to try it first...i stopped by for a menu and was not impressed. we tried Pranzi's once and thought it was only OK but keep meaning to try it actually surprised they are still open. i only get calzones at Nicks; slices (white) at Espressos; pizza/calzones are both pretty tasty at Pisa Pizza depending who makes it... but honestly, if Tasty Gourmet is open that's the best choice

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        1. Yes, another pizza shop is needed as much as another Dunkin' Donuts or nail salon. I'm always amazed that there are always pizza shops opening, but I am hard-pressed to remember one closing -- changing hands, yes, but not closing. At this rate at some point every storefront will be a pizza shop.

          1. being a college student i have eaten my fair share of dominos, espresso, and Nicks, and i have to say that pizza days has the BEST pizza and the best price around. Dominos better watch out because they have better quality and better prices than dominos, who i have to say have become exceotionally lazy when it comes to quality, nicks is awsome, dont get me wrong, there calzones are wonderful, but if your thinking about pizza pizza days is far superior to dominos in quality and taste. i would rather spend money with pizza days than points on dominos. it is DEFINATLY worth paying cash and not points.