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Jan 17, 2007 06:15 PM

Thoughts About Special College Graduation Dinner?

When our oldest daughter graduated from college in Manhattan a few years we had a fantastic meal at Le Bernardin. Any thoughts about someplace special, preferably in Cambridge but also could be in the Greater Boston area, to celebrate the college graduation of daughter #2 this spring? We have eaten at Oleana, Cafe Capriccio, Blue Ginger, Lumiere (yuck - incredibly overated!) but are thinking about something new.....Thanks!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The only thing close to comparable to a Le Bernardin experience in Boston is L'Espalier. (It's terrific, but don't expect it to match Le Bernardin.)

      My other top choices would be Clio and No. 9 Park.

      All three of these restaurants are an easy drive or taxi ride over the Mass Avenue bridge from Cambridge.

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        If you want to stay in Cambridge, you could also go to Upstairs on the Square besides Rialto. Locke Ober would be the traditional Boston fine dining. And maybe Radius in addition to the list above.

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          I just went to L'Espalier two days ago. I've been to most of the "top-tier" restaurants in the US and L'Espalier is definitely well below average. The food ranks as a decent mid-tier restaurant in New York. Spend your money elsewhere.

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            You're in the clear minority on that one. Sorry you didn't enjoy it.

        2. rialto will be completely renovated by then, with a new menu. it's right in harvard square.

          1. Its not Le Bernardin but Clio is very posh( and expensive). Sorellina in Copley Square is beautiful, has very nice food and excellent service. A real special occasion place.

            1. OOOOhhhhh!!! Rendevous is your best choice for this occasion. Cambridge location, lovely atmosphere, and AMAZING food. I would get reservations early though, as the location is not huge.

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                I don't know...I quite liked Rendezvous, but I'm not sure it would be "special occasion" enough for the OP. I'd certainly go if you were in town for a regular visit, but the atmosphere is...just ok.

                Unfortunately, I haven't done this sort of special occasion dining in awhile, so I don't think I have a better suggestion. For my last "occasion" Aujourd'hui was really lovely, but that was probably a couple of chefs ago!