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Jan 17, 2007 05:47 PM

Familia CHOC'X + Bits Crunchy Granola & Swiss Chocolate - where to find?

Does anyone know where you can find this cereal in Brooklyn or Manhattan?

Have a pregnant friend who is craving it madly as her regular supplier went dry.

Thanks guys.

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  1. Trader Joe's was carrying this cereal. Then one day I went there and they no longer had it. I' m holding back the tears remembering that terrible day. Oh sweet chocolate cereal of love please come back to me. I miss u.

    1. I heard some guy was selling it on ebay - just doesnt seem right that we have to big on food to get it.

      1. I used to buy this in Astoria, Queens at the 36th Ave. subway stop - there is a grocery store right near the stop (Food King or something like that!) Anyway, you can't find this cereal in California as far as I know. I've been craving it since I left New York. If anyone knows how to purchase this online or know who in Sacramento sells this, I'd be grateful to know!

        1. Did anyone ever find an online store to purchase this product? I have searched, but alas, nothing.