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Jan 17, 2007 05:42 PM

Romantic, but not too expensive?


Looking for some nice, romantic restaurants that won't break the bank.


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  1. La Lunchonette on 10th Ave and 18th Street. Although it's in a once-industrial area, walk through the door and it's like walking into a farmhouse in the French countryside. The food is solid, if basic, French bistro fare at very reasonable prices.

    1. The place (that's the name) in the W Village is a comfy, romantic spot with great food

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        I was not at all impressed by The Place when I ate there. I would recommend A.O.C. Bedford on Bedford in the West Village. Also good is Antica Venezia at 10th & West. While a restaurant on the West Side Highway might not sound romantic, the inside is completely insulated from the noise outside, the atmosphere is very dark and sexy, and the windows are frosted so all you see is the view across the Hudson.

      2. Romantic and affordable...the eternal quest, no?

        Different ways to think about it...some would place a premium on cozy, like Le Gigot on Cornelia, though it feels suffocatingly cozy to moi. Others would think more about food, too, and someplace like La Luncheonette (mentioned above) would work. I've always thought if that a romantic place should allow you the chance to dawdle and get intorspective with your s.o., and I think of Lucien's in the EV, or Knife and Fork, also EV. Restaurants like the Terrace, view notwithstanding, are just overpriced tired haunts.

        Here's my hands-down favorite, though: Garden Cafe in Bklyn.

        1. I would recommend Gascogne. Also love Le Gigot. Candela is has a really lovely atmosphere!

          1. I would offer Giorgio's on E 21st