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Jan 17, 2007 05:33 PM

inns that offer cooking classes 2-3 hours from Western CT??

I think I read about a website on here about inns that also offer cooking classes but I couldn't find the link. Anyway, dh & I are looking for something different to do to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary this summer. I would love to get away and relax, while doing something fun like taking a cooking class, just the two of us. Can anybody recommend somewhere that is an easy drive from Western CT, I was thinking maybe the Berkshires, Hudson Valley NY or southern VT. We are going to the Cape later in the summer with the kids so I really don't want a beach destination.


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  1. Have you looked into the Culinary Institute of America in NY..its in upper Hudson Valley, not too too far from the connecticut border..they have classes for the public running all the time..i am not sure if they would be too far for inns..don't know, sorry


    1. I don't know if baking is your thing, but King Arthur Flour in Norwich, VT (on the NH border, near Dartmouth College) offers classes. I've never taken them before, but have always been tempted. Not sure how far in advance their classes are planned.

      1. The Williamsville Inn in W. STockbridge in the Berkshires is a gem. Wonderful German chef, great food, beautifully restored intimate inn, cooking classes, foraging classes, you name it.

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          this looks perfect except...they don't do cooking classes in the summer and I need to book a 3 night mininum.

          Keep the recs coming please!

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            In the summer you're going to have a hard time finding cooking classes and no minimum stays especially in the Berkshires. It's the high season and everyone is so busy there's not time to even take a breath, and rooms are booked solid at all the nice places.

            Classes happen when there's a lull in the business and the pace is slower.

        2. There's the art of cheesemaking at Shelburne Farms...(not exactly cooking, but the setting would be glorious). I don't know what's going on in the summer, but they usually have some sort of cooking thing.

          Stone Barns...
          I'm sure they'll have something good in the summer -- you might call as there web site doesn't have stuff yet

          and a place to stay:

          1. This place is very quaint and beautiful in New Hampshire if you go that route.