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Solo diner - Boston

Moz Jan 17, 2007 05:26 PM

Heading to Boston on business and will be in the copley square area. I want to find a place where I can eat at the bar but not a "bar bar" if you know what I mean. Looking for excellent food, price not an issue. Been to and enjoyed hammersleys, any other suggestions?

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  1. hotoynoodle RE: Moz Jan 17, 2007 05:31 PM

    sushi bar at douzo, bar at sorrelina or mistral.

    1. b
      Blumie RE: Moz Jan 17, 2007 05:34 PM

      This has been discussed a lot: a search should turn up some good results.

      My suggestions include:

      B&G Oysters -- Oyster bar with great (albeit limited selection of) fish and seafood dishes. IMHO one of the best places to dine alone in Boston.

      Mistral -- One of this board's most valued members criticises Mistral for its lack of value, but if money is not an issue, I think it's a great place. A good vibe and great food.

      No. 9 Park -- One of the board's favorite restaurants -- with good reason. You can dine at the bar or in their adjacent lounge.

      Excelsior -- Same: dine at the bar or the adjacent lounge.

      Union -- Plenty of diners at the bar.

      Lot's of other options. I'm sure others will chime in, but also try a search.

      1. lissy RE: Moz Jan 17, 2007 05:56 PM

        I agree with many of the suggestions above especially B&G, #9 Park and Mistral. Another spot where I really like the bar is at Clio in the Eliot Hotel. Great bartending, excellent service and inventive if expensive food.

        1. j
          jajjguy RE: Moz Jan 19, 2007 02:39 AM

          Just opposite B&G Oyster is The Butcher Shop, owned by the same folks. I've very much enjoyed bar eating there. Good wines by the glass too.

          1. Notorious EMDB RE: Moz Jan 20, 2007 01:39 AM

            I always enjoy eating at the bar at Brasserie Jo. If you want a table, I have never been given anything other than a prime view table-- never been stuck in a back corner.

            I'm not such a fan of eating alone at the Bristol Lounge at the Four Seasons-- the service can be hit or miss.

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