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Jan 17, 2007 05:23 PM

Sipping Chocolate and Wild Boar - Muffulettas' MSP

I would have sworn I saw a thread about this a few weeks past, but I can't find it. Anyway, Muffuletta's is offering some totally amazing sipping chocolate right now. I ordered it without the mint marshmellows and was happy I did.

In fact, our entire meal was wonderful. I had a pappardalle bolognese that was made with wild boar

(does ANYONE know where I can buy this in the twin cities???)

that what fabulous, my fiance and my brother both had the scallops on special served with israeli couscous and saffron (I'm allergic to shellfish, but the both thought it was wonderful). My future father in law had the pot roast and continued to rave about how wonderful it was(he is notoriously fickle, and NEVER cleans his plate!) and my future mother in law had the beet salad which was very crisp, tasty and refreshing

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  1. Disclaimer: I work around the corner from Muffeltta and know the head chef fairly well.

    That said, I'm often surprised how infrequntly this place gets mentioned as a nice place with great food for fair prices. The daily soups and other specials are always very good.

    They also do monthly themes and price fixe on Sundays that are, without fail, homeruns.


    1. Thanks for the report! I tend to forget about Muffaletta because it's been around for so long and has had various ups and downs. Glad to hear it's good again - I've put it on my "try again soon" list.

      Re the wild boar - check at Clancey's Meat & Fish. If anyone has it, they will. And if they don't, console yourself with some duck-leg confit or a grass-fed hangar steak.


      1. I haven't been in years - & it must have been on a down day.

        I will return - because of this board, and because I have a gift card as well!