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Jan 17, 2007 05:12 PM

Fried Chicken Special

Chronicle Article spurs me to ask for chow-reviews of these and other places before I try any of the recs in the paper.

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    1. The two Oakland places Nellies and Southern Cafe are just average, and excellent fried chicken does not exist, despite Chronicle list. Went to Southern Cafe twice, first time was fabulous, but second time was so bad and so disappointing. The wait at Southern is horrible, both times took over 30 - 40 minutes to get food. I did find a great and fantastic place in Hot Springs, South Dakota (yes!) last September on vacation and it used rice oil!!!! mentioned in the Chronicle. That fried chicken was a meal to remember. I cannot find a supplier of rice oil on internet, anyone know of source, tried Draeger, Whole Foods, Andronico without luck. No one has heard of rice oil!!!! Let me know if a source exists.

      Diner 101

      1. If you google rice oil, there is a ton of info. The following is one that sells it in bulk.

        1. I did a comparison taste testing of Maverick's to Front Porch, and i have to say that i like the version at Maverick's much more. However, the SO prefered the front porch version hands down. I argued with him that you couldn't really taste the chicken at front porch and it was all deep fried breading, and he said "exactly!"
          Well, according to the chron article, the differences in prefered cooking method shed light on the grand differences in taste.
          Maverick's chicken was saltier, juicier, and had a lighter crust. Front Porch's chicken seemed to heavy and to dry for me.

          After having said all that, i still think that the best fried chicken in the city is at Popeye's. (heathen that i am)

          1. The original comment has been removed