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Jan 17, 2007 04:54 PM

Restaurants Recs for the Long Beach Peninsula and Astoria

Next weekend my spouse and I are taking an extended weekend in Ilwaco. We are staying at the Inn at Harbour Village which covers us for breakfast and an appetizer and wine hour in the evening. Any suggestions to fill in the rest of our time? I've heard the Port Bistro is decent along with the 42nd Street Cafe. What do you think?

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  1. Andrew & Steve's for chowder and greek salad
    (on the trolley line, Astoria)

    1. It'd take a little drive to get there, but The Ark in Osterville, just north of Long Beach, is fabulous.

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        I heard great things about the Arc too. Sadly when I stayed in Nahcotta last spring and had dinner at the Arc I was sadly dissapointed. We had the Willapa Burger and the Scotch Salmon, and I am sad to say that I have had better at Red Robin (Ack!). The portions were small, the menu pricey, and the food overcooked and cold. I keep hearing good things so I am willing to give it a second shot, everybody has off nights!

      2. We have local friends there and the word is the Ark has held on to its old reputation for too long.
        The Depot is getting good word of mouth.
        Love the 42nd St. Cafe.

        1. I echo the recommendations for The Depot and the 42nd St. Cafe. One night at The Depot is Burger night....they only do burgers that night...and fries. Might be Wednesday or Thursday night.

          We also ate at a newish restaurant on the Ilwaco boardwalk, down toward the end. I can't remember the name. Very small.

          Some places may be closed for the season. When I have been there the Ark has always been closed the night we chose to go.

          1. I have to (regretfully) echo the anti-Ark sentiments. First time I went (probably 15 years ago now) it was fantastic . . . then the original owners sold it and now I'm not a fan.

            Try the Shelburne Inn in Long Beach--they have a bistro where they do lunch, as well as a swanky (well, as swanky as the beach can get!) dining room for dinner. I've never had a bad meal there, and the owners are great.

            Also if you're taking day trips up/down the coast you might try Seaside or Cannon Beach, OR. Cannon BEach has a new-ish place (Gower St. Bistro) open for lunch & dinner. Last summer we ate there 3 times in one week! (Cannon Beach is less than 1 hour s. of Astoria.)

            If you have a cooler you also might try stopping by the fishing fleet, if they're in town. Last time my parents were through there they picked up a whole, line caught, wild tuna for a song (something like $1 a pound).

            Have fun! And I'd be interested in hearing your comments upon your return, having never stayed in Ilwaco.