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Jan 17, 2007 04:43 PM

3 Days in SF--need recs

First time there, going for my honeymoon (b4 going to HI), and haven't a clue where to eat. Anything goes. Thanx.

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  1. These are all great - look up the respective menus online. I believe all can also be booked via OpenTable.com

    Pres a vi - new hotspot, small plates & great wine
    Perbacco - also new and yummy
    Slanted Door - awesome location, awesome food(tough to get res)
    Garabaldi's on Presidio - consistently great, neighbor feel
    Frascati - see above

    Have fun!

    1. I would highly recommend spending 15-20 minutes scrolling thru the prior posts already on this board. You will find the question you are asking appears here at least once or twice a week. There are many, many helpful suggestions, comments and recommendations already here and available to you.

      1. Would help to know where you're coming from. San Francisco has a lot of kinds of great food but e.g. visitors from Vancouver don't need to waste time on our dim sum.

        1. Your query is so vague you won't get anything more than you'd get just reading posts. This question is asked at least once a week and it's impossible to help you out if you dont have any specifics (price range, neighborhood, ambiance, where you're staying, where you're coming from, preferred cuisines, etc etc).

          For instance: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/360116

          1. Indeed, there's so much to choose from and trolling through the board will be helpful. My best buddy from NJ did the stayover before her honeymoon in HI (20 years ago), and still talks about that ferry ride they took to Sausalito and their lunch at Scoma's. Don't know anything about it today, but sounds like a romantic option for 2 honeymooners with a few days in SF.

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              Except these days they'd do better to eat at Fish. in Sausalito before getting on the return ferry.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                Warning: Fish. is a pretty long haul from the ferry. Not vouching for the food, but Poggio is right across the street, and the very reliable Sushi Ran is a nice walk away.