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Jan 17, 2007 04:24 PM

Need unique/exotic/ethnic for this Saturday around So.Bay/LB/OC

Every month we go out with another couple to a different ethnic restaurant. Places we've been include BCD, Brodards, Marrakesh in Newport Beach, Regina's in Garden Grove, Benley in LB, Enrique's in LB, El Rocoto in Cerritos, and others that haven't been so memorable. We try to stay in the South Bay, Long Beach and northern OC visinity. Any other ideas that maybe we haven't tried? (We prefer a place that at least serves beer or allows BYOB.)

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  1. I just recommended this place in another thread, Belacan Grill in Redondo Beach:

    Good food, nice people and an attractive setting. Try the Belacan Crab and don't miss their Ice Kacang for dessert.

    Hope you will post about where you end up.

      1. Merhaba looks good. I've had Ethiopian before up in L.A. but it was a number of years ago.
        Have you been to Merhaba? Any specific recommendations?

        1. Boiling Crab in Westminster?

          The Boiling Crab
          14241 Euclid St #C-116
          Garden Grove, CA 92843
          M-F 3-10PM
          Sat-Sun 12-10PM

          1. We ended up going to Merhaba for dinner. Let me say, I was a bit worried when we got to the place at 8:00 and there were zero customers. Supposedly they close at 9:30 so I figured we would be there at the peak. Well, we were up for an adventure so we ordered the combination plate of about 6 different dishes to be shared. Honestly, I can't remember exactly what was on the combo but all of it was very good--some better than others. As we were finishing, quite a few other people came in to eat so when we left at 9:30, the place had a good crowd. The server was extremely friendly and it seemed like she was very happy to have newcomers to the place as the others looked like regular customers. As I'm not that familiar with Ethiopian food, I can't say how it rates to others, but we liked it and enjoyed our meal there. If you are in or near Anaheim, check it out.