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Jan 17, 2007 04:17 PM

pals coming for drinks and...What else?

I'm thinking of Mexican(ish) appetizers. Empanadas, a spicy cheese dip with tortillas and some shrimp with what kind of dip/sauce/kebab? I'm open to other ideas and recipes if you have any thoughts. Thanks to all.

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    i've made the above black bean fritters and they are delicious!

    1. How about toasting some nuts with chili and garlic powders on them or even a bit of sugar. Bar nuts are always a hit! Oh, and don't forget the Classic Chex Mix...again, you could add some chili powder to spice it up.

      1. Why not go for like a fusion satay or something?

        You could marinate chicken in a mole style sauce, and bbq on a stick. For dipping, you could take some sour cream or mayo and mix it with your favourite fiesta-type spices - chili powder, cumin, fresh coriander, oregano, maybe even some salsa. Mmmmmm.....could be good. :)

        1. I'm not a big fan of Mexican but, I do love nachos. Here's what I do: Spread tortilla chips on a cookie sheet, open chili and lime refried beans and pour over tortillas, open a can of pinto beans and pour over the refried beans, sprinkle with cheese and bake for 15 minutes or so. Then add sour cream to the top, your favorite salsa, fresh chopped toms, avocado chunks and whatever else your heart desires, wella - great nachos. I'd even leave them on the cookie sheet and put in the middle of the table. Decorate with sprinkling of chopped cilantro or italian leaf parsley. Yummo! :)KQ

          1. if you can grill the shrimp, how bout jerk? no wait, that wouldn't really go with your south of the border theme.....maybe lime and tequila with chili spices?

            if you just want a sauce or dip for the shrimp, maybe some type of aoli using latin american spices?