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When Chocolate Cereal goes too far

So I picked up a bag of "familia Choc'X + bits" muesli. So far from cereal, so close to pure dessert. It was only 99 cents at BJ club for about 1 1/2 pounds. I don't know if it was on closeout or that's a normal price, but it seemed cheap.

It's got "chocolate cream filled pillows", chocolate shavings, chocolate crunchies, cocoa powder that turns the milk chocolate, and probably a few other chocolate crisps and things. It probably has some actual muesli in it but that's not the point.

It's just OK as a cereal, but pretty good for late night snacking


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  1. Along those lines: while a child living in Israel I was shoocked to see the local kids eating frosted flakes with a spoon of sugar added to the milk, a slice of toast with chocolate spread and glass of milk also with sugar added. Its a wonder they still have any teeth. Then they looked at me funny when I aksed if there were any plain corn flakes. When there were none, I stuck to hard boiled eggs and toast.

    1. I'm not a big fan of sweetened cereal, but when I do eat some slightly sweeter ones, I usually mix them with plain ones for balance (ie, Puffins with Shredded Wheat).

      But my dad mixes sweet and sweet! Like, Life cereal with Kashi GoLean Crunch. Talk about overkill.

      Cocoa Puffs are good dry, as a snack. But not for breakfast.

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        I usually prefer the less sweet cereals (corn flakes, rice krispies), but there's just something about cinnamon toast crunch that I can't resist.

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          I agree. To me, cinnamon toast crunch is addicting...but only as a late night snack.

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          You think mixing Life w/ Kashi is sweet with sweet? That sounds like sticks with rocks to me. Cinnamon Toast Crunch on Dreyer's Double Vanilla Ice Cream- Breakfast of Champions. :)

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            I agree with piccola. They're both sweet, but by far not the sweetest out there. I think cereals have jacked our perception of sweetness. Even the "healthy" ones are like cookies.

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              since i grew up eating shredded wheat and cheerios, i'm really sensitive to sweet cereal. shreddies and quaker corn bran are as sweet as i go - and even then, mixed with something plain.

              i have the same issue with salt. whenever i try packaged foods - or even street foods like pretzels - my mouth aches from the salt.

        3. Whatever happened to Count Chocula?

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            Count Chocula is still around where I live - but why can't they bring back Frankenberry?

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              Oh, yeah! I used to eat all the Monster cereals growing up--frankenberry, boo-berry, count chocula. Haven't seen them in stores in years.

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                In the Boston area, most super markets regularly carry Count Chocula and some also bring back Boo-Berry and FrankenBerry around Halloween each year.

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              I haven't had it in years, but I discovered it in college and was a huge fan.

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                I had never heard of Count Chocula until I moved to Morocco last year -- it's everywhere here! Along with the other monster friends.

              2. There's a new kind of Special K with chocolate bits in it too. I am a huge dessert person, but I stopped wanting chocolate in my cereal after elementary school.

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                  Yeah, I bought a box of it. Meh. Not so great. If I want a chocolate fix, I get Count Chocula, Cocoa Puffs or Cocoa Krispies. If I want Special K, I get a box of that. The Chocolate Special K was nothing special.

                2. I went back to BJ's today, and that cereal was now priced at 59 cents! That's for 22 ounces. It must be selling poorly, and they had 2 or 3 large pallets of the stuff.

                  1. I'm more interested in the Beeren Crunch next to the Choc'X on that Familia website! Is that the how it works, growing up in Sweden - straight from chocolate cereal to beer cereal? How poignant.

                    [p.s. - yes I know it appears to mean "berry." But I prefer to amuse myself with my first impression.]

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                      mmm, malt, wheat, hops, barley. Not too different than Muesli. Beer is just muesli that has been 'tended' to a little differently :-)

                    2. There used to be a hot cereal called Coco Wheats, sort of like Cream of Wheat with cocoa added. The chocolate flavor was all but indiscernible, and something about the way it cooked only exaggerated my mom's "gift" for making very lumpy hot cereal. Pretty vile; I think we bought one box, and eventually threw half of it out after it'd been taking up shelf space for a year or two.

                      I do love chocolate, but any desire I might have for chocolate at breakfast is more than satisfied with a cup of cocoa, thanks all the same.

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                        Actually, I've done something similar before, adding cocoa powder and a little sweetener to oatmeal. The trick is to not go overboard on the sugar. Plus, if you add a little banana, too...

                      2. "When chocolate cereal goes too far..." That phrase just doesn't make sense to me. :)

                        I love, love, love Cocoa Krispies. (I do not like Cocoa Pebbles. Even though some people swear the two are identical, they are not.)

                        But I totally want some of your familia Choc'X + bits and have absolutely no idea where I would find it. We haven't got BJ Club, and I don't see it online in a quick search. :(

                        Their website shows it, but they only tell me where to buy it in Switzerland! If I'm in Switzerland, I don't think that's going to be my first shopping priority. :)

                        1. Forget chocolate cereal - I have a friend who will sandwich a Cadbury's Fruit and Nut bar in half a french loaf and call it breakfast :)

                          1. I used to add Ovaltine or Bosco to the whole milk in my Rice Krispies/Corn Flakes?Cheeerios and top 'em off with Reddi Whip.

                            1. Scene - 1015PM jfood chilling w Mrs jfood. Jfood stands and goes to cupboard. Out come the Frosted Flakes. Into a ramekin, a little skimmed milk, back to mrs jfood.

                              Almost a nightly event. What a great way to end the day.

                              1. NJ...probably 1967...breakfast at Howard Johnsons..my younger brother orders a class of chocolate milk and a mini box of cornflakes. Pours several spoonfuls of cornflakes over top of chocolate milk and digs in.

                                Flash forward 2004...breakfast at LA diner...bros son orders a tall glass of chocolate milk and pulls a mini pkg of Sugar Pops out of his jean pocket and tops off his chocolate milk.

                                Chocolate cereal is in the gene pool.

                                1. I love trying new cereals. I only eat cereal as an evening snack and the sweet ones are a low-fat treat, with fortified goodness.

                                  My current chocolate fave is Chocolate Lucky Charms. It's pretty much a sugar meltdown in the bowl but it is good.

                                  1. I am totally grossed out by the idea of eating chocolate cereal. I love chocolate but I just don't get the chocolate cereal thing. I haven't even tried it. I grew up eating plain Cheerios and shredded wheat and still prefer the less sweet cereals over the sugary ones. I did have a thing Fruit Loops for awhile and Golden Grahms are pretty good. Maybe if I tried some chocolate cereal I'll be converted...then again, maybe I shouldn't

                                    1. This item is really hard to find does anybody know any mailorder place that carries familia Choc'X + bits?

                                      1. I've also seen ads for a Chocolate flake cereal from Quaker for adults...


                                        1. I do like Jordan's Morning Crisp cereal with the dark chocolate nibs. It's not overly sweet.