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Jan 17, 2007 03:45 PM

Special Restaurant Dinners - Winemaker Dinners

Can anyone suggest restaurants who have periodic special dinners/winemaker dinners to which I could take guests?

I hoping for a resultant that seats 24 - 36 or so in a well-appointed setting for straight forward well-prepared food that is not overly fussy.
My party would comprise perhaps 4-6 of the total. I have found that oftentimes the food at such events is more overworked and interesting than good.

My preference is for tasty bistro/trattoria style food rather than haute cuisine.

I suppose that the daily dinners at Chez Panisse might be a good model for what I am looking for, but do any other places come to mind?
First choice is San Francisco but would consider other places as well. I haven't been to Oliveto's Head to Tail (?) dinner but think I would prefer something of that caliber but perhaps with the food items being more mainstream.

Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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  1. Sent Sovi in Saratoga has regular wine dinners with local growers. They are usually in a private room that I would
    guess seats 25-30 people. I have enjoyed these events because
    its a communal table - its a great opportunity to meet other
    wine people.

    Upcoming events Cinnabar Mar 29, Pelican Ranch Apr 26.

    1. I went to a lovely Copain dinner at Plumpjack. They have a great back room and the food which accompanied the wines were top-notch. Thanks for reminding me that I need to go back and order off their menu!

      1. Some wine shops organize dinners like that on a more or less regular basis. K&L does them often. Farmstead in Alameda has done them at Eccolo and Bay Wolf.

        1. You might want to try winery web sites if you are looking for "winemaker" dinners. A lot of times they will advertise them on their sites to try and get patrons.

          1. Liaison in Berkeley has some events scattered throughout the year. They also have a wine club where everyone brings in a specific style of wine and share with others to a special menu created by Todd Kneiss. I'm not sure of the web site address but the phone is 510 849-2155.

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              Here's the link to their Special Events pages, which list all of the upcoming winemaker dinners


              As an aside, the food at Liaison seems to have been invigorated lately. Given that it's my local, I have always used it as a comfortable option when I wasn't feeling too ambitious.

              But my most three most recent meals there have rivaled some of the best Bay Area bistros, along with many in Paris, and it has now become a destination of first choice.