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Jan 17, 2007 03:44 PM

Quick Dinner near Scottrade Center - St. Louis

I am taking my husband to a Blues game in a few weeks for a his birthday and am looking to get dinner prior to the game somewhere close and quick, but also good. I know there's always the option of hot dogs and nachos at the game, but I'd like to do something a little more since it is a special occasion.

Any recommendations?

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  1. Was in St. Louis over the summer and had the same problem. Union Station has chain type places. The second night in town we ended up at Schlafly Tap House. It's a few blocks from the arena, I think, and was good brewpub food. The building is neat and the beer is good. I am going back to St. Louis next week and I know I'll be back there.

    1. Mosaic is downtown and not too bad.

      1. These suggestions are within walking distance of Scottrade:
        1. Bernie Federko's in the Sheraton. It is a steakhouse that does not get very high ratings, but the room is laid out so that you will have a bit of privacy and the hockey theme will put your husband in a Blues mood.
        2. If you are looking for a spectacular setting, the Station Grill in the Hyatt just got a new chef. A cocktail in the hotel lobby followed by dinner in the restaurant (featuring steaks with a "sauce flight") could be a special birthday dinner.
        3. If quick is important, Landry's in Union Station is a nice option.

        1. Harry's just west of Union Station is actually quite good. Something less upscale would be Lombardo's in the Drury Inn is seviceable in a pinch but don't expect all that much. I would drive over the Lafayette Square.

          Besides, the way the Blues are playing, you'd probably want to leave after the second period.