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Anything in Lincoln?

I'm going to a gallery on Lincoln Rd. this weekend and know there's not much out there. Should I just go to Waltham and finally try a steak & cheese from Carl's. Or hit that roast beef place in Beford? Any "hidden jewels" in the immediate area? Thanks.

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  1. That's the gallery across the parking lot from the train, correct? My last experience out there was years ago when I used to have dance practice in Lincoln, but unless things have changed there is NOTHING in the vicinity but a hole-in-the-wall pizzeria across the road, or a sandwich from the deli counter at the Donelan's grocery store. I hate eating while using public transportation, but I had to have my dinner on the train during the years that we practiced out there.

    It always puzzled me that there seemed to be no place at all in Lincoln to just hang out.

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      In the same mall as Donelan's on Lincoln Road, there's a little sandwich shop called The Whistle Stop that makes decent sandwiches. My favorite lunch spots in the vicinity are either Dominic's in Waltham, which I believe is now open on the weekends, and Verrill Farm in Concord (just down 117 from Lincoln), which makes good sandwiches (I really like their hot pressed sandwiches) and has lots of other good options in the case.

      A few restaurants have expressed interest in opening in Lincoln over the years, but none has been willing to do so without a beer and wine license. The town refuses to grant any -- it has been voted down at Town Meeting several times -- so none of them has opened.

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        Verrill Farm is a great stop, but I don't believe they have any inside seating. Another possibility is the Cafe at the DeCordova Museum (only lunch time I believe and I assume you have to pay the museum admission); it overlooks the adjacent pond.

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          Verrill Farm has a counter and a couple of stools. Nothing more inside. They have picnic tables outside.

          I always thought you could eat at the Cafe at the DeCordova without paying admission. That might be a good option.

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          Just a note about that Whistle Stop place: I worked in Lincoln for years and watched their ongoing issues with the Board of Health, which was gross. Now they have a new owner, I thought it would be better, but no. My husband's office ordered lunch from there for a meeting today, and his sandwich bread was moldy. If you are going to be hungry in Lincoln, definitely take Blumie's advice and visit Dominic's first!

      2. If you take 95/128 tn Winter Street (you can drive around the resevoir, and then you can take a left toward the DeCordova) there is Sato, a japanese & chinese resto that has decent sushi and Green Papaya, a decent Thai resto that is a good price at lunch. They are both in a little strip mall right by the intersection with 128/95 on the resevoir side of the road along with a Bertuccis and a big wine store I think.

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          Do you know if they have a sushi bar there?

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            Yes, Sato has a sushi bar. I've eaten there and at Sato II in Stoneham and both were pretty good. Not stunning, but pretty good.

        2. I don't believe Carl's is open on the weekend. I would recommend going to Lexington town center. Trapelo road towards Waltham, left onto Lexington street continue straight into Lexington which turns into Waltham St. Take a right or left on Mass Ave. Right there you have, among others but highly recommend, Lexx, Upper Crust, and a very good Chinese resturant, forgotten the name but if you take a left on Mass Ave, if will be on your right before the Green.

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            I'm pretty sure Carl's is at least open on Sat. Are you thinking of Domenic's which used to be closed both Sat. and Sun? Then again, gettig takeout in Waltham with no place to eat it isn't the best. I'd definitely find something in Waltham, but I might just go the other way for Bedford House of Roast Beef, we'll see. Thanks for replies so far, I knew Lincoln was a wasteland.

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              I think Dominic's tried opening for lunch on Saturday recently, but dunno if they are still doing it. I used to live in Lexington and wouldn't choose anything there over Waltham (or even Bedford), although Mario's is occasionally fun as a throwback (not for the food).

              Cafe Luigi in Bedford has its followers, although I am not a huge fan.

              Its not warmly received on the board, but from time to time I enjoy the Colonial Inn in Concord, but only from the back bar. They have a nice (fake) fire going in the winter and if you don't get too wild ordering its ok comfort food, warm drinks are pretty good (don't expect mixologists behind the bar). Concord also gives you the chance to check out the Cheese shop, which can also provide a tasty lunch. Just stay away from the cafe across the street, even the Brighams is a better bet.

              If you strike out somewhere, its quite easy to keep going and find something else (eg Bedford, head out towards burlington), Waltham head towards waverly and hit andros), Lexington head towards arlington hts, etc.

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              You must have eaten in Lexington a long time ago. I assure you that there are no good Chinese restaurants there. There is however, an excellent ice cream place: Rancatore's. Not exactly lunch, and not exactly what everybody craves on a cold day like today, but it's worth keeping in mind for another time.

              I agree with the other posters; you're much better heading to Waltham.

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                Funny you should say that... Was in Lexington at Lexx just last night. Sorry to here that in the few months that I have not had Yangtze River (Chinese restaurant I recommended) that it has deteriorated in quality.

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                  I remember Yangtze River being bad 20 years ago. Unfortunately, I don't think this is a recent phenomenon!

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                Carl's is open Sat 11a-9p, and Sunday noon-6p.

                The plaza off Winter St near 128 in Waltham is pretty close: decent Japanese (Sato) and Thai (Green Papaya), plus Bertucci's.

                The only place I've been to in Lexington recently was Kushboo in the Center, which I thought was pretty respectable Indian.

              3. Nope, there is nothing in Lincoln in the way of restaurants. When I go hiking in Lincoln, sometimes I hit that market for some snack foods, but other than that, I can't think of anyplace in Lincoln to go to for food.

                I'd definitely consider going to Waltham, since there are so many good dining spots there, both cheap and expensive. Lexington does have a few restaurants, too, but you're probably better off in Waltham.

                Demo's on Lexington Street in Waltham is good for a quick bite. They have burgers, Greek salads, and other comfort food items.

                1. Keep in mind time of day is always a consideration for Waltham particularly those resturants on Moody St. I got the impression that Joanie was going out for lunch based the deli shops mentioned. Many things do not open on Moody St. for lunch on the weekend as opposed to the resturants in Lexington... Just my 2 cents.

                  1. I would second the recommendation of Demo's in Waltham. Great Greek food.

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                      I'm really sorry, but I have to respectfully disagree STRONGLY about Demos. We stopped in there for a snack last year and had the most repulsive food I've ever been served. Hummus made with canned chick peas that was grainy and on the rancid side, and a spinach spanikopita that was soggy and inedible (made with canned spinach). I've heard their kebabs are good, but I don't eat meat so I can't comment.

                      If you're going to bother going into Waltham from Lincoln, there are many, many decent choices which are discussed regularly on the board. I'd check out Ponzu on Moody Street. Great newcomer with pan-Asian cuisine. Reasonably priced.

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                        I think the kebabs are really bland. It takes a ton of salt just to make them edible.

                    2. I'm not really sure where Lincoln Road is, but on 117 in Concord (almost Sudbury) at the traffic lights there's a little restaurant called Michael's, plus a pizza place called Rossini's. Michael's is basically standard American and does have a small bar area. Neither one is a destination kind of place but that's really all there is anywhere in that general area and the food is OK.

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                        I don't think either Michael's or Rossini's is open for lunch. I would not recommend them in any event. (Even your "recommendation" is tepid at best.) Verrill Farm, which a couple of us have mentioned, is just a block away and offers much better food, albeit for takeout only. (BTW, this area of Concord is only a 5-minute drive from Lincoln Center.)

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                          Rossini's is indeed open for lunch, but it serves such generic Italian-American pizza and pastas that I can't recommend it. I had hoped it might have some connection to the late lamented Rossini's Pizza in the South End, but I asked, and it doesn't.

                      2. In Concord, Walden Grill has a nice bar to sit at and does good burgers (beef and tuna) plus lots of other choices. And it's right acros the road from the Cheese Shop. Also in Concord is Paparazzi. IMHO their food is quite good and reasonably authentic, including the pizzas (better than Rossinis). If you order a Margherita "with 50% of the usual cheese" it will come out very tasty.
                        In Bedford, Ginger does decent sushi, and Sparta does a good mix of diner/comfort/Greek. Further past Bedford, on Route 4 at the Concord River in Billerica, is River View. Excellent breakfasts and lunches (similar diner/comfort/Greek mix as Sparta but better).
                        Of course theres always Oishii in Sudbury :-)

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                          Oh yeah, there's a sushi place by the Paparazzi that has lunch specials, at least during the week, too.

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                            I haven't been to Walden Grill in years because it was so mediocre the one time I went. Maybe it's improved, but I wouldn't bet on it.

                          2. There's a campo di fiore in weston center, if you've been missing the one in harvard square.

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                              No there's not. That one closed too.