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Jan 17, 2007 03:22 PM

Cafe Reconcile returning to full menu next month

Cafe Reconcile is still buffet-only, but the full menu will return next month. Yesterday's shrimp & okra was delicious, buffet or not.

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  1. I went and looked at their menu online adn it looked great. I've always said, if I lived in NOLA I'd be fat as a cow! Too much good food.

    1. in terms of taste - this place is totally overrated IMO. i go there to be nice since they are a non-profit, but the food is not that great.

      i was just there last friday. the shrimp creole tasted like ketchup and was salty. the fried chicken didn't really taste like anything other than what chicken generally tastes like (i.e., no seasoning). the mashed sweet potatoes were fine - but again, no special seasoning - just mashed sweet potatoes. the cornbread was completely bland and didn't taste like anything really. the mac & cheese looked amazing - it was covered with something that got brown. but this didn't taste like anything but pasta with a white sauce - with no seasoning. the crawfish bisque was the saving grace - it was actually pretty rich and flavorful. although it did have noticebly large pieces of rosemary in it. it would have been nice if it was more finely chopped.

      like i said - it's great to go here and help the program. but as for a foodie destination - not.

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        First, let me register my loathing of the word "foodie". Cafe Reconcile is basic, neighborhood-restaurant, traditional downhome cooking. Not trying to be "foodie" anything, by any stretch of the imagination. On Tuesday, the fried catfish was excellent, fried to order, served with a homemade lemony tartar sauce loaded with dill pickles. French-cut green beans were cooked until limp, with lots of smoky pork flavored undertones. Mac n cheese was definitely NOT white-sauce based; it was your typical egg/milk custardy baked mac with cheddar topping.

        To each his own...but I'd argue that it is a good representation of a particular local genre. Fine if you don't like that genre, but worthy of my patronage on its own merits.

        I'm curious, dtud. How do you feel about Dunbar's (at Loyola Law now)? Or Liuzza's? Or Fury's? Or Ye Old College Inn? Interested in how you rate Cafe Reconcile in the context of other neighborhood NOLA restaurants.