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Jan 17, 2007 03:21 PM

Interesting Chocolate Survey

In Olive Magazine, I read about an interesting survey done by The Academy of Chocolate. (I should be their president.) You can read the full list of winners at Chocolatier of the Year 2006 went to William Curley of Richmond ( and best new chocolate shop was Paul A. Young Fine Chocolates in London (

I mention this because so often people are asking where to go for good chocolates.

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  1. Paul Young's stuff is definitely worth trying. I was, if you will pardon the imagery, sucking on a couple of his truffles last night and very nice they were too

    Not a choclatier in the same sense but Petra Barran who runs Chocstar is a bit of a hero too and it is well worth seeking her out on Brick Lane on a Sunday for the excellent Venezuelan hot chocolate and brownies she serves

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    1. re: Simon Majumdar

      Full agreement about Petra she is a choc star herself. I really like the Venezuelan hot chocolate shots - quite bitter and a bit spicy. I had the good fortune to encounter her when she was doing a catering gig and taste some of her alcoholic concoctions. Sadly I'm often in too bad a state on Sunday mornings to get down to the Chocstar van regularly. NB: Last Summer she took the van round the music festivals.

    2. Where does Petra park up of a Sunday? Will try and make it this weekend.

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        On Brick Lane, just over the road from the entrance to Dray Walk, i.e. a bit past 93 feet East as you walk South. While you're there the pizza at Story Deli on Dray Walk is really good.

      2. I recently bought chocs from

        and was amazed. original, exciting flavours - so natural and fresh tasting. even the ones that were left to the end were delicious!

        1. We went to L'Artisian du Chocolat in London last OCtober. Very fresh and some amazing flavors. The young woman who was working there that afternoon was very welcoming and fed us lots of wonderful tastes. I'm down to my last 2 pieces and I know it won't keep. Sigh!