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Jan 17, 2007 02:38 PM

Interesting hard ciders, at the LCBO or at restaurants?

My husband and I have become hard cider devotees, and were wondering how many varieties are available in the GTA, and which ones can be bought from the LCBO. Also, are there any pear ciders available?

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  1. you can get strongbow, growers, blackthorn, magners and sir perry at the lcbo

    1. FYI, you can search the LCBO's inventory at

      1. And Waupoos Cider, which is from Prince Edward County - it's wonderful.

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        1. re: thenurse

          My girlfriend is a major cider fan and out of all that are available at the LCBO, she loves Waupoos.

          Something that's not a cider but is appley is Nickelbrook's Green Apple Pilsner. It doesn't have the tart edge that ciders have but is more rounded, a little sweeter and overall just a really nice beer to drink especially during hot summers.

          1. re: lister

            is waupoos available at the lcbo ???
            i heard from a friend it's great.

            1. re: dannyboy

              It is great. They're got it at Allen's and C'Est What. I've never seen Sir Perry or Waupoos at the LCBO. Maybe at the store near Summerhill?

              1. re: lissar

                Summerhill has them, but very limited supply.

              2. re: dannyboy

                Yes Waupoos is available at the LCBO. It's in pack of fours. Check for stock on

          2. County Cider in the 4 pack is widely available at the LCBO. I buy it regularly so I don't have to feel left out amongst beer drinking buddies.

            I haven't had the tub of Waupoos Premium Cider. I understand it doesn't taste exactly the same.

            Last I checked, the only two places in Toronto that have the fabulous Prince Edward County Ice Cider were Caffe Volo and my home. Your experience may vary.

            1. Does anyone know if classic French ciders are available at the LCBO? I used to absolutely LOVE Cidre Brut with my crêpes, and I've never really found the same thing here. Very very sad.