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New UES wine bar...

I recently read about a new UES wine bar - maybe on 2nd or 3rd Ave? - does anyone know what I'm talking about? It might have been in NY Mag or Time Out... ?

Not Cavatappo...something quite new.

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  1. There is Uva on 2nd Avenue, but it's not that new anymore...

    1. Pudding Stones ? (1457 Third Ave btw 82nd & 83rd)

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        Yes, that's it - Pudding Stones. Thanks.

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            Gonna check it out tonight!

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              Make sure to have the filet mignon dish with mashed potatoes. Yummy!

      2. Seems lie every new palce that opens up on the UES is a wine bar.

        1. Felice is a brand new wine bar on First Ave at 64th Street. It received a great write-up in the Times a few days ago (or was it New York magazine?? I can never remember.)

          I've been to Pudding Stones many times and it's quite nice.

          1. You're prob. thinking about the new wine bar on 80th betw. 2nd and 1st. It's a few feet from 2nd Ave. on the north side just past Willy's. It's only been there for a couple of weeks and looks real nice.

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              I think "Wine Bar" is the new name for what in the past would have been "Italian Restaurant." Only now, they get to serve you a lot of small plates and charge you the same amount.