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Jan 17, 2007 02:08 PM

Is there such a thing as a creamy dairy-free salad dressing?

I am planning to serve a guilt-free buffalo chicken salad on Super Bowl Sunday. Lots of flavor and pretty hot, so I would like serve the usual blue cheese or ranch dressing. There is problem---one of our guest can not have dairy because of food allergy. I thought I see if there creamy dairy free salad dressing available before ditching the idea of serving the buffalo chicken salad.

Homemade recipes or store bought salad dressings would be great!

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  1. I make salad dressing with mayonnnaise sometimes - I add vinegar or lemon juice, olive oil and chives. You could make a variation of that with the blue cheese.

    1. Sams Club sells a great Vidalia Creamy Vinegarette dressing - It is a righx mis of tangy and creamy - it is one of mye faborite dressings/marinades/dips

      It is kosher pareve so it is dairy free -

      1. Check out the kosher section of your supermarket, if there is one. Most kosher salad dressings are dairy-free ("pareve"), and some are "creamy."

        1. You can try using soy sour cream instead of dairy in whatever recipe you choose.

          1. you can make a creamy dressing by pureeing silken tofu, but I don't know what you can sub for the bleu cheese. You could definitely do ranch with lots of fresh herbs.