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Jan 17, 2007 01:45 PM

Help with Side Dish Ideas

I am planning my menus for the rest of the week and am getting hung up on side dishes. I feel like I am getting into a rut of rice and bean dishes. Here are my mains - any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

*Garlic Lime Chicken Breasts
*Grilled Korean Style Steak with Spicy Cilantro Sauce
*Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Mojo Sauce

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  1. Toss cubed potatoes and sliced onions in olive oil and rosemary. Roast at 450* until potatoes are almost tender, then add kalamata olives and cherry tomatoes. Finish roasting until the tomatoes are nicely cooked and potatoes are done.

    Curried rice is always good. I make mine by sauteeing sliced onions, raisins and sliced almonds until onions are carmelized. Stir in curry powder and salt to taste and simmer until it's fragrant. Add cooked rice and mix until the rice is a nice yellow.

    1. I don't do a lot with carbs, but I roast a lot of vegies tossing in olive oil and few spices (maybe a little balsamic). Or saute some vegies - I just love Braggs Liquid Amino (health food store). I only have potatoe or rice maybe once a week so it's mostly vegies or a different creative salad to go with the protein.

      1. I've been into cauliflower lately. It tastes great smashed with a little sour cream and roasted with some garlic and herbs.

        Also, try doing something with perogies - they are in my regular side dish rotation.

        One more - corn - there are a lot of possibilies with corn.

        1. Polenta is good as an alternative, sometimes, and I do a version with stovetop cooking for only five minutes, and the rest in the oven (I'm not remembering temp...400?) for about one hour, mix in gruyere or parmesan and fresh chopped marjoram/thyme/sage...comes out quite aromatic and delicious.

          Look at the Herbfarm Cookbook....great resource for both main and side dishes.

          1. for the Korean-style steak—blanch some cleaned and trimmed spinach leaves. squeeze dry. add sesame oil, minced garlic, toasted sesame seeds, chopped green onions, salt, and pepper to taste. White rice would be good, too.

            for the garlic lime chicken if you had some good frozen corn a corn pudding would be a homey and unctuous way to pair it, particularly if it is freezing cold where you are. otherwise, some cauliflower florets dry roasted with a sprinkling of ground cumin and coriander.

            for the pork, sweet potatoes, baked whole and then cut or broken apart, dotted with butter, sprinkled with coarse sea salt. some plain steamed broccoli rabe or broccoli florets to balance out such intense flavors.