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Jan 17, 2007 01:43 PM

Where to get crawfish for a bears/saints party???

Couldn't find any very recent posts on this, but I'm looking for a seafood market or restaurant that has crawfish either live or cooked to take home for a bears/saints party this weekend.

Mara's website said they last got crawfish on 1/10... probably too old now unless they get some more this week. Anywhere else that anyone's seen recently?


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  1. mara's usually gets a delivery on wednesday, i think. however, i find mara's overpriced. depending on how much you want to get, you may try ordering it online. also, keep in mind that it's REALLY early in the season for LA crawfish, so they may be pretty meager looking. another option is to check and see if any chinatown seafood places have it.

    1. Your best best is to order them online, they will be shipped up live, typically with the spices as well. I have done this on a few occasions and just done my own boil. Then all you need is some anduille, corn, onions, garlic, and lotsa beer and you are ready to go. Have you ever done a boil before though?

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        Sounds good, do you recall the site you ordered yours from?

        Yeah, I'm originally from Texas so I've been dying for the opportunity to do this here in NYC.

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          Greetings from Saints-fan-land: a great source for shipped live crawfish is Bayou Bounty Seafood (they'll also ship already boiled crawfish, too).

          Nice people, good quality seafood. I live nearby & buy live and boiled from them all the time. They supply seafood for my annual good Friday seafood boil.

      2. I believe I used the LA Crawfish Company, with them you can specify how many pounds you want while some places only give you 5lb increments, the most you pay should be like $5/lb but that includes overnight shipping. I have a good place near me for anduille, so I dont know about their sausage, but they should be able to supply you with everything else. I called to order and they were very friendly and helpful (though it may be the last name Boudreaux that clued them in I knew what I was talking about) But I was very happy with it. Good luck and enjoy (though I am very jealous)

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          if you can't get them from chinatown or LA crawfish, your last resort could be freshdirect--they have 3 lb frozen packs for 10 dollars

        2. In San Francisco, they can sometimes be found live at Chinese fish markets. They also seem to be the hottest food fad in China, or at least Shanghai, these days, so the trickle-down effect will probably increase their availability in Chinatowns (but not in time for the Super Bowl).

          1. yeh.. go to the fish shop that is right by the grand st subway stop.. I bought some last week.. Also the fish guy in hells kitchen has them normally..