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Jan 17, 2007 01:35 PM

Hale & Hearty Soups is awful

I used to eat at the one in Rock Center a couple of times a week and then the one on 56th St. when my office moved. It was always good, even if a little pricey. Now, the soup is generally awful. Its no better than anywhere else in town and much more expensive. There are funky flavors in a few of my favorites like Shrimp Bisque or Tomato Cheddar and other are bland and flavorless. What happened here? I read somewhere that the founders and executive chef left. Perhaps the new people making the soup are just screwing it up. Its nothing like it used to be. I even think the new Soup Man stores have better soup, even though their's is pretty bad too. I miss the old Hale & Hearty.

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  1. I have always loved Hale and Hearty. But haven't been in at least a year. On a cold day like this I think I'll get me some of that soup for lunch today. I'll report back later.

    1. that's disappointing. i've always been a fan of their veggie split pea.

      1. Stick with the cheap to medium priced soups. I've never had a problem there. When they try to recreate fancy stews (Hungarian Goulash, etc.), that's when their cost cutting, chain-store mentality hurts the food.

        Black bean, 3 lentil chile, black lentil, etc. are all great soups.

        1. My company used to order from them through seamlessweb and stopped ordering because they had the slowest delivery system.
          Our lunch usually got around 1:30 eventhough we ordered them for 12:30..I was so fed up and wrote an email to the company and got a irresponsible response that said something like, it's because we are too busy and we can't do anything about it.
          We stopped ordering from them. Their soup was ok but I loved their flatbread sandwich.

          1. Can't disagree more. I eat there about four times a week and think the soups are great. Definitely better than Original Soupman (too few choices, too expensive) and generally better than the "fresh" soups at local delis, which I find tend to be too thin. While I generally prefer freshly made food over product out of a bag, I can't argue with the results.