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Jan 17, 2007 01:28 PM

Phantom Gourmet Card - Where Should I Eat?

Me and my g/f received a $100 Phantom Gourmet Gift Card for Christmas, and we're trying to figure out where to use it. We're open to any of the places on the list, so location doesn't matter.

The only things to consider - I am the hound - my g/f is really picky, and gets turned off by a lot of the "weird" stuff.

Here's a link with all the participating retaurants...

Thanks for all your help!

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  1. Does gf like southern soul food and jazz music (no gourmet fussy food, just good southern soul)? If so and for an awesome fun experience Bob's Southern Bistro (used to be Bob the Chef has a great Sunday Jazz Brunch. Check out their website. You'll enjoy red, beans and rice, fried chicken, ribs, eggs, bacon, typical breakfast stuff, collard greens, mac& cheese - AWESOME JAZZ MUSIC - great people. It's a great experience. We love it. But don't sit too close to the band up front unless you don't mind not talking to each other until your finished. :-)

    1. Since food isn't her thing (although the food is awesome here) at least the experience she'll get a kick out of (if she likes Jazz at all) the line starts when they open so get there early so you aren't standing out in the cold.

      1. Sonoma in Princeton is nice (and on the expensive side, so a gift card is good). Chloe in Hudson is also nice! I had really good experiences at both places.

        1. If you're the hound I would skip Bob's since the food is nothing to write home about. On that list, which is limited in the hound sense, I think the following would have some interesting things for you and simple items for your GF:

          Cafe D in Jamaica Plain. I've only been once but I really enjoyed my meal, the atmosphere and service. Here's some reviews from Yelp:

          Sandrines in Cambridge. It's wonderful French restaurant right in Harvard Square. I love the food here. It would be a real treat for you and the simple entrees of chicken or filet would be enjoyable for your GF. Desserts are very good there, make sure to save room.

          Mamma Maria's in the North End would be my choice. It's a real treat. It's a beautiful space, romantic, terrific food... You'd spend over the $100 but it's a good place to splurge.

          1. We would recommend, from the list you supplied, either Il Capriccio in Waltham or Pane e Vino in Providence.
            Wherever you decide, let us know.