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Jan 17, 2007 01:20 PM

What Is Good at Cafe Kiraz in Cambridge?

I might head over to Cafe Kiraz between Inman and Kendall Squares over the next few days. Any items that stand out there? I'll eat just about anything, so give me a bunch of good options! Thanks!

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  1. Grilled sandwiches and frozen yogurt (if you can handle that today).

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    1. re: Joanie

      Ice cream is great in cold weather, if just for the ultrahigh density of fat contained therein. I'd walk down to Tosci's, personally.

    2. The salads are pretty good. They are full of items like pine nuts, fresh avocado, and sundried tomatoes, and I like the vinaigrettes. I didn't really like the one sandwich I ordered there (wasn't grilled). The frozen yogurt is the best thing because of the huge selection of treats you can blend into it.

      1. I am a big carnivore and I tend to like their vegetarian sandwiches better. There is one with beets and goat cheese and caramelized onions plus some other ingredients - all on focaccia I think - which is fantastic, definitely one of my favorites. They do a lot of nice combos with portobello mushrooms - one that I really like with grilled chicken, portobello and maybe brie? Proscuitto, mozzarella and basil on grilled focaccia is solid. Grilled veggies with hummus. The mediterannean tuna wrap with mixed greens. They have a lot of ingredients and it gets confusing (and messy), plus be forewarned, the sandwiches are huge and can easily feed two people (or you, twice).

        Salads are good, but sometimes I want something that is a bit more put together. I think the dressings are lacking sometimes, but FWIW, I'm probably a high maintenance salad girl, whatever that means.

        I order from them a lot for work events and Kiraz is very popular with my crowd at work. Plus, they are just are wonderful people - great service - and as far as I can tell, most everything is from scratch (I've seen them bringing in big bags of beets in the a.m. which they cook in-house, for example).

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        1. re: MB fka MB

          Another vote for the beets & goat cheese.
          The curried chicken salad w/ apples is also very good, as are the mediterranean tuna and greek rollups.

        2. It's the frozen yogurt. I don't know who their supplier is, but it's different from other frozen yogurt. Some used to call it "NFYFY" - not-frozen-yogurt-frozen-yogurt - because it was so different.

          Plus, the machine is great to watch with kids. When I'm feeling healthier, I do blueberries and grape nuts; when I'm not, I go for twix. The twix doesn't quite fulfill my fantasies, because the cookie flavor gets lost in pulverization.

          Otherwise, I'll agree with MB's post; particularly the part about their willingness to add lots of healthy veggies to a sandwich. The pizzas are the only thing I wasn't pleasantly surprised by - it was not my style, doughy and puffy (I'm an Urban Gourmet man).

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            It has a different flavor from the other screw-style frogurt you can get in a Greek/Turkish pizza/cafe place? (e.g. Angora Cafe)?

            1. re: Luther

              I dunno - this was the first screw-style I'd seen. It comes in sausage-lookin' cylinders, and they chop a chunk off to put in The Machine.

              1. re: enhF94

                Some day, I will be fabulously wealthy, and I will own one of those things (or a Pacojet).

                1. re: Luther

                  And an anti-griddle. And maybe we can trade appliances every six months.

          2. The last few times I was there (yesterday,too) I had the 1/2 sandwich + soup combo. The portions are large and it is plenty of food. The minestrone soup is the best one I've had there.
            The chicken salad is great with lots of dill. There is something sweet in the wheat bread, honey maybe, and it is sliced very thick.