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Jan 17, 2007 01:10 PM

Manhattanite needs a place for moderately priced "thank you" dinner

Headed to Boston this weekend to see some friends and take them out as a thanks for some work they did for me. I've known them forever so it's not about impressing them with bells and whistles. It's about going out with friends and having a great time while eating great food. I'm staying in Cambridge with them so near there would be ideal. They do have a car so we could drive if need be.

I'm looking for that place that's consistently's a fun place to eat...moderately priced (main course under/near $20)...some place we'll say, "oh, remember that dinner from ________?"...a real "find" that only "locals would know about."

Too much to ask for? I hope not!

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  1. Central Kitchen in Central Sq., Blue Room in Kendall and Gargoyle's in Davis Sq. (Somerville) are mostly in that range and fun places. Not particular "finds" but favorites of many people here. Also Rendezvous in Central Sq. but that's mostly above $20. Helmand for Afghan food near the Cambridgeside Galleria.

    1. I think Rendezvous is a great idea. It's excellent, and while the entree prices may be a little over $20, it's very reasonable for the quality.

      They also have a Sunday prix fixe menu at $33 if that's a day you can do.

      Here's their regular menu:

      BTW, you're not a Yankee fan, are you?

      If so, I recommend Arby's in the Cambridgeside Galleria food court. Sublime.

      1. fun, moderately priced, and near Cambridge?

        I might catch some crap for this, and I wouldn't consider it a "find", but I think a trip to the Midwest Grill might be enjoyable. Nothing says "Thank You" like an overdose of meat.

        1. My vote would go for Muqueca on Cambridge St. in Inman. I went there last night and it was delicious (it is always getting good reviews on chow) and perfect for the cold Boston weather that just came in. They make amazing fish stews in clay pots. Both my friend and I were extremely happy with our meals and appetizer (fried yucca with a special sauce).

          1. Central Kitchen in Central Square, Cambridge is a good recommendation,

            But I would take them to Washington Square Tavern in Washington Square, Brookline. No sign out front, all the traffic through the restaurant is by word of mouth, its definitely a local spot. The food is great, the owner is friendly, the wine list is extensive, really really good.