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Jan 17, 2007 01:03 PM

La Paz in Bham

What has happened to this place? I went for lunch on Friday. Granted, it has been about a year since my last visit. But I was shocked!! Previously, it had been voted the best mexican restaurant in B'ham for several years. And I had always been a fan. But honestly . . . the service was lousy, and the food was rather boring. The grilled chicken in my quesadilla had no smokey, grilled flavor to it. It tasted as if it came frozen and they just heated it up. And the texture for a little spongey. I can make better at home. Now I'm on the hunt for Birmingham's TRULY best mexican. Any suggestions?

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  1. Try Rojo in the Highland Park area of Southside and Sol Y Luna in Lakeview.

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      I've been to Rojo a couple of times. I wasn't terribly impressed. Some unexplained and unordered english peas showed up in my quesadilla on one occasion. And the service is basic nonexistent. I've not been to Sol Y Luna. I have been to Los Angeles in Lakeview for dinner and really enjoyed it alot! I had fish steamed in banana leaves that was scrumptious. And a scallop appetizer that was lovely. It's been a while, so the details are a bit fuzzy. Does Sol Y Luna serve lunch? or are they just a dinner place?

    2. I used to like La Paz alot for Tex-Mex. I don't think they're by any means authentic Mexican or even trying to be. With that said, the dishes I got there (fish tacos, nachos, salads) were really good. The past few months, I've noticed they've changed the menu---introduced new dishes, revamped some old ones. I don't think they've been nearly as good. But as far as pseudo-Mexican goes in Birmingham, they're better than average.

      Rojo I would call a casual neighborhood cafe. I usually get the grilled shrimp salad b/c a) it's low-cal/low fat and b) it's pretty consistent. Nothing there is stellar or even really memorable. I usually go there b/c it's not too far from my house and it's locally owned and operated.

      Sol y Luna is really good, but more of a Latin inspired restaurant. Can't quick pin it down to one cuisine. I love their Moho special---which they shouldn't call a special since it's always on the menu. It has big chunks of fish and shrimp in a tasty broth. I also love their churros. IMHO, you just can't go wrong w/fried pieces of dough!

      I love Los Angeles as well. You may already know that they are owned by the same folks as Sol y Luna. Sheilal, I don't think they're open for lunch. They're good--nice atmosphere w/a slightly different latino inspired cuisine.

      All the other Mexican restaurants in Birmingham are very forgettable. :(

      1. I don't really have a favorite Mexican restaurant in Birmingham - but I do like Cantina, in Pepper Place (their menu here: http://www.birminghammenus.com/cantina/ ). It is owned by the same gentleman who has Sol y Luna (which is excellent) and Los Angeles.

        I agree, La Paz has gone downhill lately, and I've only had Rojo once (first and last time). There are *so many* new Mexican places south of town now - between Hoover and Alabaster, especially. Surely there is something really great going on down there!