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Jan 17, 2007 11:32 AM

Valentine's Day recs?

Yes it can be an annoying holiday but even on this early date I've noticed that places are booking up and charging for ridiculous prix fixe menus!!! any suggestions for fun, yet not divey places??

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  1. If you're determined to go out, how about a cool wine bar like Inoteca (Ludlow Street) or Il Posto Accanto (2nd Street). I think places like this would be the most likely to serve their normal menu.


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    1. re: slynnkiino

      ahh yes inoteca is great! i've been before and really enjoyed it. thanks!

      1. re: clim212

        The fact that it's teeny tiny and doesn't take reservations, though, makes me think it'd be hellish on V-day.

    2. prune may or may not be too divey for your taste but they have a very creative vday menu, whether you're attached or a lonely heart. includes last years' special menu for the occasion.

      1. 'inoteca is a good idea. Personally, I find Valentine's Day to be one of the worst days of the year to eat (or work) in a restaurant.

        I would avoid places that will focus too heavily on a special menu.

        1. thanks gingersweetiepie for the rec. i will check out the site since i've never been. i agree that it is an annoying holiday but i still enjoy going out for a chill dinner nonetheless

          1. hmm I think I may try the Little Owl. Has anyone been? I hear nothing but good things about this place.

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              Little Owl is very good--simple, well-prepared food. If you can't get a reservation, they keep two two-tops open for walk-ins (at least on regular nights)and have a tiny four-seat bar. Get there early, though, because it's a tiny space and they're very popular.
              Don't know if they're doing a special menu for Valentine's Day.


              1. re: slynnkiino

                That's what I've been hearing about this place - Thanks!!

                1. re: clim212

                  Lots of reviews on these boards--do a search. I like it a lot and am going again on Saturday.