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Best *Whole Wheat* Pizza

Just can't get enough of that whole wheat crust! It's the guilt free way to enjoy pizza. What are your fave places? I only know of a few and I'd like to add some variety to my tastings. Fresh mozzarella would be an added bonus... Thanks, C'hounders!

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  1. Pintale on E. 91st between Mad and Fifth has whole wheat crust and fresh mozzarella - I've only had take out and it is soggy when it arrives, even though I only live about a block away. Presumably the in-store experience would be better.

    1. viva on 2nd avenue btw 10th and 11th specializes in whole wheat crusts. don't let the health food aspect of the place put you off.

      1. Garlic Bobs has a great veggie pie on whole wheat crust- 84th and Columbus. Viva also has a location in the 90's on broadway. Their whole wheat is delicious.

        1. I love City Pie. They have whole wheat crust by the slice sometimes, and I know you can order a pie of it. 72nd and Amsterdam--definitely worth checking out (imho)!

          1. I do love an occasional whole wheat crust, but it is for the flavor, not the health aspect. If that slow-burning carb takes away the guilt, my friend, you must be eating sans toppings.

            1. I like the whole wheat pizza at Majestic Pizza, next door to Century 21, on Cortlandt Street.
              It comes topped with crushed tomatoes, fresh mozzerella and fresh basil. I don't know how they get the bottom so crispy ( I believe the dough has an inordinate amount of oil that kind of toasts the crust while baking) Anyway for $2.50 a slice it is a bargain and a good way to start off shopping next door.

              1. Whole Earth Bakery & Kitchen on St. Mark's off Ave. A has a vegan whole wheat veggie pizza which is excellent and wholesome-sold by the slice-

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                  is whole earth still around? i remember bout a year ago when i went in for a treat, they were going on about the landlord kicking them out after so many years. bummer. did they win out or something?

                2. I second Viva on 2nd ave. around 11st or so. so good. really good size slice, too. not small at all. two slices should do most pretty well. they have very thorough options as well - meaning you can opt for whole WHEAT, whole SPELT, etc. or normal, white dough versions, too. very nice. and like the above person mentioned, dont let the hippiedippie-ness of it all get to you, its solid pizza.
                  noone has mentioned the place up on 23rd street right by the park. its called mozzarelli's i think. http://www.menupages.com/restaurantde...

                  their stuff is actually much better than Viva i think. they too have the thorough options from whole wheat to whole spelt to some kind of slice involving rye flour as well. normal slices are completely available as well. these guys do it the best out of them all, for real.

                  another little note, if youre in Bklyn on Court street, theres a little place calle V & R Pizza thats been there for like 20 years and they do a whole wheat which is very nice if you dont feel like going all the way to NYC.

                  1. they are having problems again and may have to close the end of March 07-bummer-but they are trying to stay alive and are still open for now-