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Jan 17, 2007 06:11 AM

pizza: antica greatness and quietly without the hype finally we say

went to antica tonight where it was quiet and everything (but the odd waiters) was perfect. the pizza was so tasty and not greasy at all. i wonder why this place gets ignored.

not that i want it to be crowded but i think they deserve more attention, certainly more than some of the other places that receive way too much...

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  1. I think they put too much salt in their food, both the pizza and the pasta.

    1. Tried a Margharita pizza for lunch today and was really impressed. I'm not usually a fan of Neapolitan style pizza, but this really hit the spot. My main criticism was that the fresh mozzarella made the center of the pie a little droopy -- this even though the crust was thicker than most Neapolitan. Still, the outer part was cooked perfectly -- crisp without cracking.

      PS: Their flavored olive oil and bread is phenomenal...

      1. Love their pennette ala vodka - they have very good salads too - and am huge fan of their pollo carciofi or something - it's got leeks and artichoke hearts in what might be a white wine sauce.

        1. I enjoy Antica also but sometimes just can't get past the service...or lack there of.

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            Come to think of it, there were a couple of odd notes service-wise. First, the place was practically empty, but the guy sat me right next to the only other people there, which was annoying. Also, he played dumb when I asked him what brand of olive oil they use. As in, he pretended not to understand my question, when I got the sense he really just didn't want to tell me. Still, I was impressed with the pizza itself...